DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPANY: Would you like to get up close and personal with the startup world?
We offer the best way to get the initial start-up experience.
You get the opportunity to work in a startup accelerator program that includes mentorship and educational components in a big team of experts.

You will work with good mentors and resources in different stages.
The program consists a 2-month acceleration cycle, which includes 3 weeks of brainstorming, 3 weeks of workshop and 3 weeks of working on the prototype.

We are seeking a go-getter with limitless creativity, responsibilities and a passion for the startup world, who is willing to provide operational support for the accelerator program and the participating companies.

Valencia is the third biggest city of Spain with gorgeous mountains, beautiful beaches, atmospheric neighborhoods and a smashing nightlife.
The glorious sunshine shines most days of the year, Valencia is just the perfect intern city!
LOCATION: Valencia (Spain)
SIZE: <10
DURATION: 2 months
START DATE: As soon as possible
AREAS: Computer Studies
REQUIREMENTS: Company is looking for passionate programmers, capable of brainstorming business ideas and implementing them in workshops (with the help of skilled and experienced mentors). Very important to have good communication skills, head full of ideas, and good programming practices.

Also trainees should be able to manage their time and not be afraid to think out of the box.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Also excellent googling skills.
  • Working as part of a team, which may be established purely for a particular project to write a specific section of the program
  • Help combining all elements of the program design and testing it
  • Find creative solutions to the challenges of network design, mobile communications, data service requirements and internet and network signalling protocols
  • Monitoring performance and managing parameters to provide fast responses to front-end users
  • Mapping out the conceptual design for a planned database
  • Consider both back-end organisation of data and front-end accessibility for end-users
  • Coordinating with the team to utilize technology in order to improve communication
  • Collaborating with designers, software developers and engineers
WORKING HOURS: 30 hours per week
  • English (at least B2)


Valencia / València
Accommodation costs 164.39 - 283.47
Bill costs 32.00 - 58.34
Transport costs 8.87 - 36.75
Bike costs 26.90 - 33.94
Food costs 6.13 - 13.67
Phone costs 3.95 - 12.95
Offer closed