University Partners

We work closely with various educational institutions around Europe, enabling us to setup more rewarding relationships between students and companies.

Trusted Employers

Companies recruiting through Training Experience are required to make fair financial contributions, and all students are encouraged to review their employer after the placement. These steps help to ensure a fair & beneficial internship experience for all involved.

Fulfilling Careers

Our work reflects our vision: A world of minimal barriers, where formative experience in the workplace complements education, enabling young people to find greater fulfilment in their professional careers.

Our mission is to connect young talent with deserved opportunity.

Our Values


Finding original, effective solutions to old problems is of vital importance for the progression of our society. We support businesses throughout Europe, new and old, working for just this.


Living & working abroad can be one of the greatest character building experiences of your life. We work to reduce barriers to encourage more young people to get professional experience abroad.


At all times, security must be a priority. Whether it comes to dealing with personal data or helping make arrangements for an internship abroad, we take security seriously.

Our story

The three founders of Training Experience first met at Universitat Politècnica de València in 2002, during their time at university Fernando & Pepe created an association to promote activities for exchange students within the University, experiencing first hand the array of problems young people face when studying & doing internships abroad.

Fast forward to 2011, and although each taking different career routes they had arrived at the same point; they were ready to launch Training Experience. They had noticed just how difficult it was for students to find a company offering a suitable internship for their studies, and they knew how to resolve the problem.

They saw that in an ever globalising business world, companies were better understanding the necessity of recruiting beyond borders. To acquire young, international talent is the perfect way to internationalise an office and find future employees. Furthermore, thanks to European Grant Programmes, the return on investment is often unparalleled.

Through linking these two parties, with the sole objective of improving the employability of young people around Europe, Training Experience was born. It soon became obvious that there were key barriers stopping students from completing international internships. Firstly, the lack of information about moving & working abroad. Without knowing the price of accommodation, transportation, and generally the cost of life in a city, how can you know if you have the financial resources to do an internship in a given city? Secondly, students were faced with a mountain of paperwork to secure mobility grants, often a very intimidating step.

From 2012 to 2014, working as a traditional offline company they acquired a strong understanding of the market and learnt how to resolve these problems. With a basic website they were able to place many students abroad and build a loyal clientele. By 2015 the website offered automatic matching and a dynamic platform, they had customers in the most important cities in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, València), in Italy, in the Netherlands, in Germany and in Portugal.

They wanted to share their knowledge of the market through scaling their solution, their aim was to help link more talented students with welcoming businesses. So from early 2016 they began work on an innovative new platform that linked students, businesses and universities directly. Not only making matching processes faster and increasing the quality of back-office TX work, but bringing a whole new offering to the market that brought real value to all three parties. They were preparing to disrupt the market.

The Training Experience platform successfully launched in June 2017, with promising early adoption by various students, business and universities throughout Europe. The company faces the challenges of today with an exciting future lying ahead.