Tips and tricks for a great resume

Tips and tricks for a great resume

Since most of you are just starting we want to help you create an outstanding resume. At Training Experience we receive many CV’s on our platform every day from students all over Europe. For this blog post, we have carefully reviewed a lot of resumes. To increase your chances of getting hired, we created this blog for sharing tips and tricks.

Who are you?

You have just graduated and you are getting into the ‘real world’. First of all, it is completely normal that you will not have a lot of working experience yet, but don’t worry. Through your CV you can introduce yourself to the company that you are interested in. For instance, describe your characteristics, some of your history or some facts about you, so the reader can create an idea of what kind of person they will be hiring.

What did you study?

Share your study field with the reader and give them an idea of your study and interests. As an example, you can put some short keywords that describe your studies, in order to give more explanation about the study.

What have you learned?

Show the reader what you have learned in the past. Not only within your study, but share personal experiences which are relevant for the job that you are applying for. Have you done some volunteering work? It will be good to share your experiences in the past. By writing about what you have learned you can show that you are open for new learning experiences.

What can you do?

In this part, you can make yourself stand out with what skills you can bring into the company. Questions that you can ask yourself are; What are you good at? Which programs can you use? Do you speak different languages? And what makes you better suited for the job than other candidates?

What are your future goals?

Do you have any higher goals in life? What do you want to improve? By sharing your personal values and goals you can get more empathy from the reader. Be sincere in writing your resume and you can be honest about yourself and your ideas.


When you have answered the questions above, you have inspiration for creating your resume. There are a lot of creative and structured templates available online. For instance, you can go to different websites like canva, resume or hluum and create a personalized design. This will attract more attention from the reader.

In addition, make sure that your resume is well structured. You can use headings or text in bold or italics to structure your information. This will make it easy for the reader to have a quick overview of your resume.


Furthermore, increasing your chances of getting hired is mostly about relevance. Make sure all the information that you put on your resume is relevant for the vacancy that you are applying for. For example, when you apply for different jobs, you can adjust your working experiences or skills that you have and that are relevant for your future job.


Final checklist for what to include in your resume:

  • Contact information:
    • Phone number
    • Email
    • Other contact possibilities like LinkedIn
  • Education
  • Working experience
  • Skills
  • Hobbies
  • Additional:
    • Everything that you want to share, that could be important for the job.