Tips, Reviews and Recommendations Can I create a bank account with an app?

Can I create a bank account with an app?

Nowadays, you can do everything with your smartphone, even create a bank account and manage easily your money when you’re abroad. Right here we selected for you the best mobile applications to handle your financial data in the easiest way. How to create a bank account online with my phone? MONESE If you’re planning to …

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Entrepreneurship Erasmus Entrepreneur Experience

Erasmus Entrepreneur Experience

Erasmus is generally a well-developed program which really helps young learners to practice more and more. So, because we really truly believe in the power of SUPER Erasmus, we want to help you more with info about one of the programs which is: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur, one of the programs of Erasmus which not …

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Erasmus Programs Erasmus is also for TEACHERS

Erasmus is also for TEACHERS

Erasmus+ is a program dedicated not only to the young learners but also to TEACHERS. The most important objectives of this program is the exchange of information and development of schools and HEIs (Higher Educational Institutions). Nevertheless, Erasmus opens its gates to trainers, volunteers etc.  Since according to the Erasmus Programme Guide, Erasmus+: Individuals – …

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Administrative issue How to apply for an Erasmus Internship?

How to apply for an Erasmus Internship?

Most of the students think that participating in an Erasmus Internship is a difficult matter, but TX will tell you the exact 5 steps on how to apply for an Internship. We also will tell you that, applying for an Internship is not difficult. So here we go:        1. The first step …

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Tips, Reviews and Recommendations Cons for an Internship abroad

Cons for an Internship abroad

Because everybody says that Erasmus is the greatest experience in a young fellow’s life, we tried to come up with some cons to so many pros considering an Internship abroad. So, here are our constraints regarding Erasmus mobility: 1. There’s too much awesomeness in being awesome Everybody tells you what a great experience they’ve had during …

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