Cons for an Internship abroad

Cons for an Internship abroad

Because everybody says that Erasmus is the greatest experience in a young fellow’s life, we tried to come up with some cons to so many pros considering an Internship abroad. So, here are our constraints regarding Erasmus mobility:

1. There’s too much awesomeness in being awesome

Everybody tells you what a great experience they’ve had during an internship abroad, how their job offers were exactly what they have expected, how people are kind to them and willing to help, and that they made a lot of friends. We tell you, no, Erasmus is too awesome and even better than you heard before. 🙂 So, yeah…who wants to be awesome and have an awesome experience? Nonono, not you.

2. You will make too many friends.

Yeah, nonsense, who needs friends? They are just important people who fulfill our boring life. Otherwise, who needs friends in a mobility program to do different things together like go on a trip together, have fun in some Pub, take long walks, talk about your experiences or just cook a simple dinner together…nono, definitely, not you because you don’t like friends or Internship abroad, or Erasmus.

3. You’re co-worker RullZ

Everybody has that co-worker that brings light to a room and tells jokes all the time. Nono, you don’t need to experience that during your mobility, anyway you don’t like Internships abroad and having pleasant experiences because discovering is mainstream and overrated.

4. You will experience new life challenges

Who needs challenges? They are awesome and we have recently decided that you don t like doing awesome things, especially when it comes to an Internship abroad. Nonono, better be a ‘’couch potato’’ and leave the life challenges for other people, like Erasmus people.

5. You will fall in love with Erasmus

Yeah, who needs old Erasmus?

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