Can I create a bank account with an app?

Can I create a bank account with an app?

Nowadays, you can do everything with your smartphone, even create a bank account and manage easily your money when you’re abroad. Right here we selected for you the best mobile applications to handle your financial data in the easiest way.

How to create a bank account with mobile applications?

How to create a bank account online with my phone?

If you’re planning to move to the United Kingdom, this mobile application is made for you. Monese is the first 100% mobile bank account in the UK. You will be able to create your bank account with your phone in a few clicks and FOR FREE without providing any credit history, utility bills or UK address. Moreover, if you invite one of your friends to open a Monese’s account, the service will offer you 10€ and 5€ to your friend if he puts at least 10 euros on his account. Interesting, isn’t it?

The leader of the mobile bank account in Europe with more than 1 millions of users. Founded in 2015, N26 gives you the opportunity to open a bank account with your phone in less than 8 minutes, easily, from anywhere and without any fees! This is the easiest way to manage your money and your information: lock/unlock your card instantly, personalize your pin, real-time notifications, choose and change when you want your credit card limit or you can even log in with your fingerprint. Not satisfied yet?  Make international money transfers into 19 foreign currencies enjoying a 6x cheaper cost than usual.

If you’re not looking for a bank, Bnext is what you need. Only 5 minutes to create your account with your phone and then receive your credit card. Provide only your ID and your address, that’s it! No bank, no conditions, no commission, you can deactivate your card when you want. Bnext gives you the opportunity to take cash from any banks in Spain without fees but also abroad without any commission and with the better exchange rate. Enjoy real-time notifications, an instantaneous chatbot with our team and make your money transfers with your friends in a few clicks, without IBAN.

Save your money! This ap does not allow you to create a bank account but provide you an help to manage your money on your existing bank account (only Spanish and Chilean). The objective is simple: save money to avoid your bank takes it. You only need to register you with your email address and your bank reading key to give Fintonic the opportunity to see your financial information. Don’t worry, with this reading key, the app is not able to make any money transfers! Then, enjoy real-time notifications about your spending, the commissions you paid, when you’re overdraft and many more information that your bank doesn’t provide you. Of course, Fintonic benefits from all the digital security standards.

Another mobile application allowing you to create your own mobile checking account in a couple minutes. The interface is simple and very design but the biggest advantage of SIMPLE is there are absolutely NO FEES! You create your FDIC insured account without to pay anything and you can access to every budget tools provided by the app. Lock and unlock your card instantly, receive a Visa Debit Card, implement financial goals you want to reach and track your spending easily with charts, graphs, and categories. As they said, «Save easily, Bank beautifully».

As you know, London is one of the most expensive cities in the World. So, Tandem is a mobile app allowing you managing all your bank accounts with a single app and save money! You will just need a UK bank account to use this service. One of the particularities of Tandem is it will help you find the better deal in order to save your money. You pay too much for your electricity? Tandem will tell you and will help you find the best alternative. Other great and useful option of this company. Create your own fixed saver account and know easily what you’ll get at the end with the interests rate. However, you will not have the possibility to take out your money to spend it until the end of the term. That’s smart, isn’t it?


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