How to apply for an Erasmus Internship?

How to apply for an Erasmus Internship?


Most of the students think that participating in an Erasmus Internship is a difficult matter, but TX will tell you the exact 5 steps on how to apply for an Internship. We also will tell you that, applying for an Internship is not difficult.

So here we go:

       1. The first step and the most important one is: Contact your University

We tell you to go exactly where the Erasmus office from University is and tell them about your big plan. They will certainly help you and more than that, they will help you a lot with the documents (which are not difficult to complete). You´ll probably need a few days to finish the whole process of applying for an Erasmus Internship.

       2. Prepare documentation

Here you have the list of what they usually request to apply for an Erasmus Internship. But some Universities have maybe different politics, so here you have an approximate list, which is as we said, usually requested:

                   a)Documents before the mobility:

  • Acceptance Letter/ Letter of traineeship; a letter signed by the receiving organization to confirm they will receive the trainee. The document is not obligatory it depends on the University if they require it.
  • Learning agreement for traineeship; this is a document that defines the learning outcomes for a perfect Erasmus Internship is, basically, the formal recognition provisions and lists the rights and obligations of the trainee, the sending organization (the University or other higher education institution) and the receiving institution.
  • Grant Agreement; the financial agreement document that will be prepared by the sending institution and signed by the trainee.

              b)Documents during the mobility:

  • Arrival letter; a letter signed by the trainee and the receiving organization that confirms the start of the work placement for your Erasmus Internship.
  • Monthly reports; reports explaining the monthly program of the traineeship, and what the trainee has been doing in the past month, signed by the trainee and the mentor in the receiving organization. (not always requested)

c) Documents after the mobility:

  • The Traineeship certificate– a document signed by the receiving organization that confirms the results of the work placement
  • The Transcript of Records– an additional document signed by the receiving organization that describes the results of the work placement



Modifications to the Learning agreement of traineeship; possible changes in the duration of the mobility, the mentor, and the content of the work placement; If these changes happen the receiving organization has to insert them into the learning agreement of traineeship and send them to the sending organization for approval.

      3. Choose the company. Preparation of the documents.

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      4. Choose the country and the job.

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      5. Get your flight ticket! You’re on the verge of discovering one of the best experiences of your life!

Also, take into consideration, that if you want to buy a cheap flight ticket, you have to buy it one month in advance (recommendable) but still, check the flights and see which it’s the best option.

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