Erasmus Entrepreneur Experience

Erasmus Entrepreneur Experience


Erasmus is generally a well-developed program which really helps young learners to practice more and more. So, because we really truly believe in the power of SUPER Erasmus, we want to help you more with info about one of the programs which is: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur, one of the programs of Erasmus which not many learners or future Interns know about.

What is this innovative program about?

Firstly, you have to know that Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a program designed especially for young learners who would like to develop their small business or start a new one. Thus, Europe wants and encourages this initiative and gives to the young future entrepreneurs the chance to learn valuable information from successful entrepreneurs all over Europe. The curios and quite amazing fact, we think, is that after this experience, statistics show that 1 of 3 new entrepreneurs really do open their own business after experiencing Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

Who can participate?

Anyone who wants to start a business, as we mentioned before, either student or alumni (the ones that already graduated) and whom lives in the one of the countries of European Union.

How can I participate?

Quite easy, you just have to develop your own business plan, in 20-30 pages. Look for an IO from your city, who you can find on the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Platform.

Who will help me?

Firstly you have your IO as I previously mentioned, which on the platform is called local point of contact. This IO is a person who helps you with advises and documentation. Basically, an IO is the bond between you and European Union.

Secondly, you have us, recruitment team and platform, whom will help you to find a company and a Host Entrepreneur in some of the countries of Europe where you will learn more than an usual Intern, which means that you will learn also management, marketing strategies and other important abilities and info that will help you becoming a good New Entrepreneur and of course, start your own business.

What benefits do I have?

Firstly, you have the chance to really learn valuable information and experience a lot.

Secondly, your grant is good and you can afford many things.

In other words, just go for it! we promise you that it`s worthwhile. 🙂

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