Spain’s oldest Erasmus student

Spain’s oldest Erasmus student

oldest Erasmus student

Miguel Castillo is a regular student of the faculty of History at the University of Valencia, that is going to complete his Erasmus semester in Verona, Italy. He is also an 80 years old grandfather, who is about to become Spain’s oldest Erasmus student.

Never too old for Erasmus

Miguel Castillo is a notary, a father of three daughters, and a grandfather of six grandchildren. After retirement, he decided not to be a typical pensioner like most of his friends. Instead, he continued living an active lifestyle, studying, and broadening his horizons. He has always been interested in History related sciences. And therefore, it was a logical step for him to embark on studies in this area. Later, encouraged by his professor, Miguel decided to complement his curriculum with a semester abroad. Just like some of his study colleagues, Miguel received instructions to follow from the Erasmus department of his faculty. Later, he collected the required documentation and now is already preparing for his trip to Italy which will make him Spain’s oldest Erasmus student.

Programmes Erasmus

Since the Erasmus programme was introduced in 1987, around 9 million people received an opportunity to undertake an academic exchange or an internship abroad. This way, programs Erasmus are extremely popular among young people. They provide them with an opportunity not only to participate in the academic process of another country but to try to live abroad on their own. Maybe for the first time in their life.

Erasmus activities

It is also not a secret, that Erasmus is famous for its intense free time activities – parties and going outs. Señor Castillo reassures that he will try to catch up with his classmates, but also admits that he is going to Verona with his wife. And so, shared Erasmus apartments, as well as pajama parties, are out of the question. Señor Castillo encourages all people of his age to be active, study, and try to enjoy life to the fullest. He is confident that regardless of age, everyone can benefit society they live in and feel useful.

Erasmus program for everyone

An example of Miguel proves to many that there are no limits for those who would like to participate in Erasmus programs. Everyone regardless of their age can go abroad as a student or an intern. Do you feel inspired by the decision of Señor Castillo? Have you already been thinking about going abroad for a while? Feel free to register on our online platform!  With any questions contact us at and get closer to your dream!