Prepare Yourself for an Internship Interview. Tips from a Human Resources Manager

Prepare Yourself for an Internship Interview. Tips from a Human Resources Manager


In the world full of competition sometimes is normal to question your skills especially when you are applying for a dream Internship. Don’t panic, although the selection process also means the elimination of some candidates. The first step to reach your objectives is to believe in yourself and of course to be properly prepared for the interview. If you have an opportunity to do what you love, don’t miss it!   

After years of experience with the best candidates, our Human Resources Manager gives you some advice to help you present yourself in the best light and get the Internship you want!


The first minutes of an interview are very important because they help us break the ice. Even though the employer already knows your name, take a few minutes to present yourself and give some basic information about your studies and career.

Type of questions

There are two types of questions you are going to deal with during an interview. Ones are actually related to your studies or previous experiences. The employer will try to know what your expectations are and why you are interested in the position. The other ones are the famous «surprise questions«. Yes, it sounds scary, but actually, this type of questions can help you get the job, because there are no right answers. Your response is your power.  So, it’s very important to be yourself and show your motivation.

Motivation is the key

A specific position is requiring a specific profile with a certain type of studies. You have to convince the employer that your profile is the right one. What will differentiate you from other candidates is mostly your motivation. Think about what attracted your attention and why you became interested in the company. The employers will try to reveal your motivation not only for the position but also for your career or areas you liked the most during your studies. You don’t need to repeat information from your resume, try to find something interesting that would really set you aside from other candidates.

Previous experience 

Before the interview try to inform yourself better about the company, it can help you adapt your profile to their needs. Talk about all the tasks you did during your previous experience. Also what you liked the most or which skills you have improved.


Trainees give support to different departments and a quality that employers are really appreciating is team work. Let them see you are a good team worker by giving examples of your previous experience.

The job description can be very useful to identify a list of skills they are looking for. Ones you know which kind of profile they are searching for, it can help you to manage better your answers. You should know what your strength and weaknesses are and have a clear vision about the skills you want to improve. Also, if you have the opportunity to talk about activities in your free time try to be creative, this can reveal a lot of your interests.

Psychological part

Don’t forget that you are applying for an Internship. The employers are aware that you maybe don’t have previous experience. They will value other qualities like motivation, ambition or ability to adapt to different environment. They will try to see your autonomy resolving specific problems and proactivity in different situations.

Other important details

Make sure if the company has a certain dress code policy. If you are applying for an Internship in a big company you’ll have to pay more attention to what you are going to wear. Be formal but feel comfortable, don’t pretend to be someone that you’re not.

Lately, many companies are operating on an international level and they are looking for trainees with knowledge of a certain language. It means that maybe you will have a Skype interview.  So, before you start, check the connection first and pay attention to the environment.

Be there on time! Be professional and don’t let them wait for you, show up or be online at least 10 min before their scheduled appointment.

And remember, the way you talk is very important. It reveals a lot about you. Choose the right words!

So, what do you say? Are you ready for your dream Internship?

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