Short guide for creating the perfect resume!

Short guide for creating the perfect resume!

PERFECT CVHow could we define a perfect CV? Some are defining it as the biggest marketing document where you are selling the most valuable product: yourself. Basically, with a good resume you are selling well your knowledge, work experience, skills and abilities. Most of  the employers spend just a few seconds for scanning each CV and within those seconds they decide to label the resumes with ‘’Yes’’, ‘’Maybe’’ or ‘’NO’’. How to be sure that your CV is not thrown in the garbage, but added to the interview pile? Let’s start analyzing!

  • Everything start’s with the basics! The biggest enemy: silly errors!

Personal details: name, address, date of birth and your contact. Moreover, make sure that you have added the right contact information, education, work experience, and relevant skills. Check and double check that you haven’t made any silly errors in grammar or spelling.

  • Pay attention to the right things!

An employer’s survey  found that some aspects were more important/looked at than others. According to this data, you must work hard on the perfect description of your work experience, skills, and qualifications. Furthermore, remember to keep it easy to read.

  • Keep it easy, keep it short!

Don’t make it any longer than 2 A4 pages. Try to keep it punchy, to the point and save all little details for the interview. Use the math! If you increased the sales per 20%, better use these numbers. Take out the information that is not relevant for your prospective employment.

  • Be honest, realistic and positive!

It is not a secret that each one of us wants to look a little bit better on paper, but you better be honest and don’t exaggerate. Make sure your background information makes sense and is true. Otherwise, it can get pretty awkward at the interview! Instead, use positive and active language in your CV- ‘’I reached’’, ‘’I developed’’, ‘’I managed’’ etc.

  • Show that you are covering ALL  the needs of the employer!

Read carefully the job description to which you are planning to apply. Does your CV satisfy ALL needs of the employer? What are your advantages compared to the other applicants? Does Your resume show that you are the only one, the best or the perfect candidate for this vacancy according to the job description? For example, if you are applying to a vacancy in sales show all your experience and skills gained in this sector, starting from sales in MC Donald’s and finishing with the smallest University projects.

  • Stand out from the crowd!

In this competition, it is important to stand out from the crowd! Create a unique CV which would get the employer’s attention. Use a great design (you can find templates from the internet for free). The same is with the language- don’t use the old, boring cliches.  Also, keep it logical and structured with bullet points and short sentences. It should be easy on the eye and visually attractive. Update your CV systematically with all new significant experience in your career and don’t forget anything important.

  • Who are you?

Show your personality in your interests. Most of the times your interest show your skills and describe your personality. If you love to play football it shows that you are ambitious, never giving up and that you are a great team player.

All in all, the most common mistakes are, according to this data, spelling and grammar mistakes, silver medal goes to the category »Not tailored to the job». Followed by «not the right length», «no use of bullets», «contact problems» and lying.

Take this into account and don’t repeat this mistakes!

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