Mobile applications for Erasmus students

Mobile applications for Erasmus students

Travel is one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences of the life. But if you’re not well prepared for it, alone in a foreign country, the beginnings can be really rude and the situation stressful for you. We are aware of this! But fortunately for you, awesome people had the idea to create revolutionary mobile applications especially for YOU and we selected the best one to make your choice easier. If you want to get the best from your trip, we suggest you stay to the end. Let’s start!

All the mobile applications you need for your travel
15 free mobile apps you must have

Mobile applications to create your network

  •  Meetup – Someone has the same hobby than you? Meet himAvailable on the Apple and Play store and used in more than 200 countries, this free mobile application has been selected as one of the best of the Apple Store. Indeed, this platform allows to the people living in their country or abroad to find people around them according to their hobbies and what they like to do. It’s very intuitive. You just have to select your passions, to looking for some groups loving the same things than you and then join them to enjoy all together. There is also the possibility to create your own Meetup. Unfortunately, this option is paying. Anyway, this app is just an amazing companion traveling!
  • Eatwith– Enjoy the best culinary experiences abroad!

Selected in the «Best of 2017» and considered as a crush app, Eatwith is a free mobile application present in over 130 countries worldwide and based on culinary experiences. Traveling abroad, it will give you the opportunity to discover a country in a different way. Taste local food preparing by local persons and participate in special events like cooking lessons or market visit. Share a moment with new people, explore the country through food specialties and enjoy the stories of your host. Select your destination, look for the best experience for you and enjoy this unique experience with your hosts and others travelers. Simple, authentic and TASTY. Do not hesitate!

  • HeyVina– First mobile app for women’s friendships

Available on Apple and Google Play Store, HeyVina provide a free service for women’s community traveling abroad allowing them to create new women’s friendships. Answer to several questions to target the most compatible people for you, Swipe to the right to indicate who you want to meet with and finally talk with the person to have a chance to meet her. This app also offers an online magazine providing articles written by real women to live your best life. Really innovative!

  • Shapr– Meet great opportunities, create rewarding relationships

800 000 users and 6 million matches distributed in 5 countries: United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom and Ireland. You understood, Shapr is one of the most famous apps for the professional networking. With its powerful algorithm, Shapr will be in charge of proposing you the best profile each day. As HeyVina or Tinder, swipe anonymously and wait for the match of your life. Meet great opportunities, contractor and create rewarding relationships.

Couchsurfing is an amazing community of travelers worldwide giving the opportunity to sleep in private homes and find other travelers. With over than 10 million travelers in 200 000 cities, you will not be alone.

Travel safely, quickly and easily

  • Drivy – Rent a car in Europe in a few clicks

Maybe one of the best mobile application to rent a car abroad to a private individual. If you’re traveling in Europe and really want to discover one or many countries, Drivy will probably be your best friend. With 1.5 million users, 45 000 cars and a service covered by Allianz, this mobile app allows you to rent the car most suitable for your needs in only a few clicks. Enter your location and your date, then choose your dream car from 15euros per day!

  • Blablacar – One of the most famous carpool service

Make your travel cheaper meeting new people and having more fun. Blablacar is one of the most known carpool service in Europe and worldwide allowing you to share your travel with others persons and spend less money. The perfect opportunity to go where you want in a really easy way and creating new relationships.

Available in more than 30 languages, Skyscanner is the mobile application you must have on your phone. Compare prices and find the cheapest offer for your flight, your hotel and even to book a car.

  • Hopper- One step ahead to book your flight

The first mobile app giving you the opportunity to see in the future! Indeed, Hopper is a service allowing you to anticipate the prices of your flight and book it at the best moments. Moreover, it sends you a warning to let you know when prices are the best for you.

Manage your money

  • Tricount- No more argument with your friends about money

A smart mobile application providing an automatic calculation in order to manage the spending within a group of friends. Each person creates his own account, enter his spending and the app will be in charge of calculating what do you have to pay and whose.

  • N26-A mobile bank without the disadvantages of a traditional bank

As the leading mobile bank account in Europe, manage your money has never been so easy. Create your account quickly with the app and choose your options more suitable for your need in a few clicks: log in with the fingerprint, instant push notifications according to your account activity, lock your card directly if you lost it with the possibility to unlock if you find it, a 3D Secure system and cheaper international transfers.

  • XE– Convert instantly your money

Undoubtedly a must have in your mobile applications for your travel. Convert your money into the currency of your choice.

Optimize your tour

  • Phind– The Shazam for places!

Shazam is a revolutionary mobile application. Phind is even more. One shot of the monument and this app gives you several informations about it. You can also use the search bar to discover other places where you want to go.

Available on Apple and Google Play Store, this mobile application allows finding the nearest place and help you navigate to this venue.  Bars, restaurants, banks, hotels around you, look for it and choose where you want to go.

With more than 20 million travelers using it, there is no doubt that Citymap2Go is a mobile application you must have. It provides you cities maps when you’re online and offline also. That’s the main point but not only. It gives you details about the places using detailed pictures, information and also gives you the possibility to plan your travel by creating a list of the place you want to visit.

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