Internship in Spain: Which City?

Internship in Spain: Which City?

You are looking for an internship in Spain. Now one of the first steps you should think about is your preference for a city for your internship in Spain. Having a preferred city makes it easier to focus on certain things, including accommodation and getting the necessary documentation. However, don’t be blinded by one city, if you don’t manage to complete your internship in Spain in one city, shift or broaden your focus to another city.

Based on the size, I have highlighted the top 4 cities for an internship in Spain. This does not mean that these are the only cities in for an internship in Spain! Feel free to look around at our vacancies to see the complete offer or contact us.

Internship in Madrid

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The capital of Spain is perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when you think of doing an internship in Spain. However, Madrid has a lot to offer! Besides the fact that the capital has over 6,5 million inhabitants, it is also the political heart of Spain, where many companies and head offices are located. Enough to choose from! Madrid is a busy city with a lot of life and the English language will go a long way, although command of the Spanish language is a plus.

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Internship in Barcelona

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With only Paris, Rome, and London ahead of it as the most visited cities in Europe, the city may call itself the cultural capital of Spain. The beautiful architecture, the nice climate, and the beach also make this city a very fine city to live in for a short semester (or longer). If you are looking for an internship in Barcelona, this is the right choice and you can be sure that you are not alone, as many other international students come with you every year. While it can be a bit chilly in Barcelona in winter, the other months more than makeup for it with lovely weather, enough time to enjoy the beach, and the many terraces!

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Internship in Valencia

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ciutat de les arts i les ciències

An internship in Valencia will bring you to the city with, according to the locals, the best climate in Spain. The mild climate provides 300 days of sunshine per year, perfect for an internship in Valencia! Valencia is the 3rd city of Spain and the birthplace of the Paella, the best Paella you can eat in Valencia. Besides the beautiful Roman and Moorish influences in the city, the city also offers a rich offer of entertainment venues and agencies that provide trips to beautiful surrounding areas to make your internship in Valencia unforgettable. In addition, the city is very flat and has many bicycle lanes, making it super easy to move around the city by bike. The Valenbisi system, for which you pay only 30 euros per year, ensures that you can pick up and drop off a bike at 300 locations in the city.

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Internship in Sevilla

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Historically, perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. In any case, the province of Andalusia has plenty to discover, with Seville as the largest city. An internship in Seville is an internship in one of the oldest cities in Spain, it is estimated that Seville is around 3000 years old! If you are a fan of heat, as you are looking for an internship in Spain it seems, then Seville is the place to be. Seville is one of the hottest cities in Europe with almost 90 days above 32 degrees per year and an average temperature of around 18.5 degrees. So it is nice and warm to stay in the historic Seville!

The University of Seville has around 50,000 students each year and is one of the better universities in Spain. So you are certainly not the only student in the city and this brings nice benefits, with nice trips to surrounding areas and fun parties every weekend.

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