Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur Program: a Sucess Story

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur Program: a Sucess Story


Entrepreneur after TX internship?

You can land a high-quality job, completely change your career path or even become an entrepreneur in a different country. Antoine from Belgium has one of those great entrepreneurial success stories to share. Have you ever wondered where Training Experience can take you? The options are numerous: After finishing his exchange in Spain, he opened his own healthy fast food restaurant “Salad Planet” in Valencia. The best part about this place is that thanks to its wide range of fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients, you can personalize your salads and wraps.

Here is what he has to say about the experience with TX and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program on his way to opening Salad Planet:

How it all begin?

The decision to start a business abroad came from discovering a gap in the market.  Antoine came to Valencia for his EYE exchange and immediately noticed that there were not many options to eat healthily. Later he became determined to build his own sustainable business promoting a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits in Spain.

Salad Planet Team

Effort makes the difference

As it usually is in life: effort is directly related to success. Antoine’s case was not an exception – before opening the restaurant he invested around six months in market research. Antoine conducted surveys, interviewed around 200 people on the streets, explored Spanish trends and did competition analysis.  After having all the information he needed, he started planning and implementing his business idea. In less than 4 months he was already welcoming first clients in his own restaurant.


Salad planet Entrepreneur


Who was there to help?

Throughout the entire exchange and even after it, TX team was supporting Antoine with finding the perfect Host Entrepreneur, organizing his exchange in Valencia and even advising on how to best proceed with his business. If you also see yourself as a future entrepreneur and would like to gain valuable first-hand experience, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a perfect program for you! Do not hesitate to register at our platform and receive all the support needed to make this character-building experience possible!

A tip for to-be Entrepreneurs

In the light of his experience, Antoine highlights how important it is to realize that everyone experiences ups and downs.  You can feel you are the only one who is having difficult times, but this is something that happens to everyone. It is, therefore, essential to cultivate a positive mindset and be in touch with people having similar goals as yours. You will see that the struggle belongs to the process but this is exactly what makes it adventurous and exciting.