How to get a NIN for UK?

How to get a NIN for UK?

Apply for the National Insurance Number card(NIN for UK)

  NIN for UK

What is the National Insurance Number(NIN)?

The National Insurance Number is a number used in the United Kingdom in the administration of the National Insurance or social security system. It is also used to ensure that the National insurance contributions and tax one pays are properly recorded against their name. It also acts as a reference number when communicating with the Department for Work and Pensions and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The number is described by the United Kingdom government as a “personal account number”.  The number is sometimes referred to as an NI NO or NINO.

Why do I need to get a National Insurance Number?

All the students or graduates who are coming to the UK to do an internship or to work for a company need to get a National Insurance Number in order to work legally. Furthermore, having a National Insurance Number will give you benefits, such as access to NHS services and register to vote in the UK elections.

When should I apply(NIN for UK)?

You should only apply for a National Insurance Number once you are in the UK. You do not need a National Insurance Number to start work but you will need one when you get a job. When you arrive in the UK, you must contact the National Insurance Number Application line.

How do I apply?

Depending on your nationality and where your visa was issued you will either be invited for an interview at a Jobcentre Plus office. You can also be asked to complete a postal application. The objectives is to check your identity and to ensure that you have a legal right to work in the UK.

Right here you will have all the contact information to contact by phone.

You may need the following documents:

  • Passport and visa (if applicable)/Biometric Residence Permit (if dual nationality, both passports)
  • Confirmation of your address – bank statement, rental agreement, utility bill, etc.
  • Confirmation of study letter/student card
  • Name and contact details of employer and other evidence of employment, such as a letter from employer/contract/payslip

It will take around 4 weeks to receive a letter with your National Insurance number. You are allowed to start work before you receive your NI number by showing an employer you have applied for it. If not, you can be employed under the tax limit and have the right to work in the UK.


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