Everything about the Erasmus grants

Everything about the Erasmus grants

A nice bonus for doing an internship or studying abroad: is an Erasmus scholarship. In many countries, for example for an internship in Spain, an Erasmus grants together with an internship allowance can make you almost an average salary.

There are, however, several steps involved and there are several things you have to take into account.

An Erasmus grant is definitely worth the effort and a nice push in the right direction for your internship abroad.


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Your University

First, you have to register at your university or college. Every university or college of higher education has a department where they can explain, how to apply for the scholarship and whether you are eligible for an Erasmus+ scholarship.

Each university or college of higher education is allocated a certain number of grants per semester and in case of too many applications, they may draw lots or give priority to students without an internship allowance.


Erasmus grants amount


The amount of your Erasmus+ grant depends on the country you are going to for your internship or study. A distinction is made in the cost of living.

This can sometimes be «mean», for example in Barcelona your rent can be high, but the Erasmus grants in Spain is not the highest possible grant. Also, the amount differs between students and interns, where interns get a higher allowance.


Apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship


Applying for an Erasmus grants is done through a form, where you have to fill in the necessary information before and after your internship.

In the case of an internship, this does not only include information about the company, but also about your work and possible assignment.

After submitting the form, how soon you will hear if you have been admitted to the program depends on your university or college.


Payment of erasmus grants


The payment of the Erasmus grants can still cause some confusion. Many people think that it is paid monthly, but at many universities and colleges, 70% of the amount is paid at the beginning of the semester and the remaining 30% at the end of your Erasmus period.


Erasmus for Entrepreneurs


Besides the regular Erasmus+ grant there is also a grant for starting entrepreneurs. As a recent graduate, you will work together with an experienced entrepreneur to set up your own business. This grant is twice as high as the regular Erasmus grants and offers a great opportunity to start your own business abroad. The duration of this agreement is between 1 and 6 months.

If you arrange your internship through Training Experience, we will help you with any questions you may have about your Erasmus+ application. Check here our offer of internships in Europe.