How to become an Entrepreneur with Erasmus?

How to become an Entrepreneur with Erasmus?


Erasmus is famous as an international exchange program that helps students to expand their knowledge and skills by gaining life-changing experiences abroad. However  this programme facilitates not only student exchanges but also entrepreneurial experiences. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a unique opportunity for those considering to launch their business in the future, to gain practical knowledge by working with an experienced entrepreneur. Sounds exciting?  Here is more: no age limit, no topic restrictions and a monthly financial support!

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If you have decided to spread your wings and launch our own business this is a perfect program to apply for! Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs supports up to 6 months of the exchange. Not only will you receive insights into a life of an entrepreneur running his own enterprise, but also be able to work on your own business and receive an expert advice. According to the statistics 1 out of 3 new entrepreneurs manage to launch their business after participating in the program.

Above all, it´s a pretty fun to experience a new country, improve your language skills and practice international networking.

Who can participate?

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is open to would-be entrepreneurs with a business idea and a desire to learn.

Additionally, you have to be:

How do I apply?

It’s easy! Prepare your documents (a CV, a motivation letter, a business plan approx. 10-20 pages long) and reach out to your local contact point to proceed with your application.

 Who can help me in the application process?

This is one of the best parts as there are a lot of actors out there who are ready to help you! Your local contact point, also referred to as an intermediary organisation, is the first direct contact assigned by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

We, the Training Experience team, are always happy to guide you through the application process and help you to find a Host Entrepreneur, as well as to organize your stay abroad! All our services are completely free for students as our goal is to encourage more students’ and entrepreneurial mobility in Europe.

 Why participate?

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is loaded with benefits. To name a few, you will be able to:

  • develop an entrepreneurial mindset and sector-related self-confidence and skills;
  • network internationally and build strong connections for your future business;
  • receive insights into business culture of another country and develop intercultural competence;
  • improve your language skills.

All things considered, do not miss out on this great opportunity and follow your passion. We will be there to help! 🙂

If you are interested in participating in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program or doing an internship abroad, don´t hesitate to contact us!
We are here for your questions and can help you find  perfect opportunities without any financial commitments.

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