Are you eligible for an Erasmus Plus grant?

Are you eligible for an Erasmus Plus grant?


In the last few years, the most important topic among students all over the world is definitely Erasmus + program.

Erasmus +:

is the new mobility program of the European Union for Education, Training, Youth and Sports that includes under one name the projects «Leonardo da Vinci» and «Erasmus Mundus».

Everyone is talking about a great time abroad and we are sure that you are thinking to apply too. If you are a student or recent graduates (up to one year after graduation) this might be your dream program. Moreover, Erasmus+ also offers the chance to combine studying abroad with a traineeship.

Find out from this article all you need to know!

How does it work?


can spend abroad from minimum  2 to maximum 12 months for each cycle of study. (Maximum 12 months as a Bachelors student, again 12 months during the Master, and 12 months during the PhD).

Those 12 months can be used to do any of the activities included in the Erasmus+ student mobility. An Erasmus+ study period or an Erasmus+ traineeship (work placement).

Here is an example. If you already have 9 months of study period you are able to do 3 more months of the traineeship. The traineeship is under the financial support of the Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeships grant. The grant is sufficient to cover their costs of living abroad.

You can do the traineeship in the period of up until one year after graduation, but you have to apply for the traineeship before graduating.

The Trainees eligible for the traineeship are the ones studying or graduated from a University in an EU country or a Partner country in the Erasmus+ programme.

First, you will have to check if your county is a Partner or a Programme country, because there is a difference in the conditions.  Programme countries are eligible for all actions of Erasmus+, but the Partner countries are subject to specific conditions and they can only take part in some actions.


from all over the world offer a chance for international exchange programs that allow students to study abroad for a term, a year or a specified period of time, as well as companies who search for their international experience with young trainees.

You can find all information in the National Agency in your country or Erasmus+ office. They will inform you about the studies or traineeship abroad as well as the modalities to apply and to receive an Erasmus+ EU grant.

So, do you want to be a part of the biggest student programme? Download the Programme Guide and find out everything you need to know before you apply.

Good luck!

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