Start of your career with an internship or a job?

Start of your career with an internship or a job?

During our studies or right after we are graduating and finish one part of our career, also we are tended to take in count every full-time position that can be offered to us, isn´t it? And it´s nothing to blame: we are young, we want to experience that feeling of independence as soon as possible. Of course, we need a considerable extra budget for parties, event or other student activities.

Even if a full-time job might seem the best opportunity for us at the age of 20-23, not all the things that this might involve are really great. Besides, there are other great opportunities to start your career. The same time not being forced to work in a domain that maybe you will find inappropriate for you in a short time. Internships are one of them. Mostly now when both universities and EU programs are supporting this kind of work experiences with substantial financial aid.

Here are some reasons you should think twice before choosing between an internship or a permanent job in your student years:

  1. Internship doesn´t necessary mean ¨working for free¨ in a company

Many of us run when we hear the word internship because we might think that all the internships are unpaid. Only that this kind of practice bring benefits just for companies and not for students. Totally wrong!  As we have mentioned before, nowadays many internships are financially supported by the European Union. If they are made outside of our country of residence (programs like Erasmus +). Even more, many employers realized the benefits of having young talented people working for them. So they are ready to help you with an extra economic support for your scholarship, with an entry-level salary. At least, with another kind of benefits and training during your internship stay.

  1. Prepares you for full-time employment at any company

So, earning money to pay the bills and party hard during college is certainly very important to everyone. But don’t forget to step back and look at the bigger picture. Many part–time or full-time jobs, while they might be fun and perhaps offer certain fringe benefits, probably won’t provide you with the necessary training, experience, and potential that an internship would end. Also, most of the time, an internship offers you the opportunity to get to know better your actual area of study. You can receive constructive feedback, professional supervision and evaluation. While a small job adds less value to your resume. A big internship adds big value to your resume in terms of brand value. Also exposure and improves chances of you landing a better job.

  1. Internships offers you the opportunity to experience another working culture and travel a lot

We were mentioning before the Erasmus+ grants. One of the reasons they are really great is because it offers you the opportunity to travel around Europe. Also, if you don´t have work experience, it very hard finds a job abroad. Do an internship in another country not only that will make your CV rock but also will make you look more ¨appealing¨ for international employers. Also, apart from this professional advantages, don´t forget to take into consideration the Erasmus student exchange. You will participate in parties and activities that will bring you new friends and great memories.

  1. Gives you lots of freedom and prepare you for the right career

It is clear that compared with a permanent job, a part-time internship will give you plenty of time to enjoy your personal life or to invest it in your passions.

Also, even if you have to be very receptive and take your duties in serious, internships don’t really charge you with that kind of responsibility that jobs do. Moreover, you are free to change the industry or the company whenever you like without compromising your career. This way, we will be ready to choose the right career for you.

  1. Many times, if you are a good fit, the company where you´ll do your internship can hire you

Keep in mind that securing an internship is just the beginning. You’ll still need to approach it as if it were a permanent, paying career choice. Securing an internship is by no means a guarantee that you will be offered a permanent full–time position by the organization. Anyway, most of the time, if the candidate it´s a good fit and the company is looking for new employees, you have a good chance to be hired.

So, in the end, it´s all about your priorities. What would you prefer for your career? A quick decision mostly made because you are in need.  You want to earn enough money to buy your independence or a conscious decision, made after experiencing a few companies, industries and environments?  The decision is up to you!

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