What do you need to arrive in Spain?

What do you need to arrive in Spain?

For many a dream at the start of their studies: is to do an internship in Spain. It is a great experience, but where to start What do you need to arrive in Spain? First of all, it is good that you have visited the site of Training Experience, this is an agency that has helped many students to find an internship throughout Europe and therefore also an internship in Spain. And the good thing is, unlike many other agencies, it is free for the student! After reading this article, be sure to get in touch or check out the available jobs. Note that the rest of the site is in English!



Internship in Spain


An internship in Spain: endless Google, being sent from pillar to post by agencies, or paying a fee and then hearing nothing; are just a few examples of situations that unfortunately often come up when looking for an internship and arranging all the details. What are the real necessities to do an internship in Spain and what can you arrange yourself?

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Accommodation in Spain

Obtaining housing in Spain can sometimes be difficult. You often hear bad stories about non-refundable deposits, houses that look completely different from the pictures, or houses that are poorly maintained.

The actual filtering of reliable and not reliable remains difficult and there is only one remedy for that: go and see! Before you transfer money or sign a contract, go and see the accommodation in Spain for yourself. Plan for the first nights or week in a hostel or go for a weekend at an earlier stage. What you can also do is the appeal to Facebook in groups that are created for this purpose. The better-known platforms for housing in Spain are Idealista, SpotAhome, Roomster, and Badi. Remember that some landlords charge an agency fee, often around 150 euros. However, there are plenty that does not!

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NIE number

The NIE number stands for Número de Identificación de Extranjeros, or identification of foreigners. The NIE number is similar to the BSN number we know in the Netherlands and is needed to open a Spanish bank account (useful if you have found a paid internship) or to obtain a Spanish telephone number. If you have an unpaid internship, as I also had, it is technically not necessary and you can get through that semester without an NIE number. But if you do get paid or want to open your own business after your internship, it is a must to apply! But how do you arrange this?

An NIE number can be arranged in the Netherlands, for example at the Spanish Consulate in Amsterdam. Be on time, making an appointment takes about 2 months and after that, it will take some time to obtain the NIE number. You can also apply for an NIE number at a Police Station in the city where you are staying. If you get your internship through Training Experience, they will help you get the necessary documentation and thus help with the language barrier, if any.

Peripheral issues Internship in Spain

I’m sure there are things I’m missing that will apply to you, but there are also a lot of peripheral issues for your internship in Spain. I will make a small selection of things that are useful to think about before you leave for your internship in Spain:

  • Your Dutch cell phone subscription is valid throughout Europe!
  • Apply for reimbursement of your travel expenses on time.
  • If you are entitled to a student grant, do not forget to indicate that you are living away from home.
  • Expect a deposit of one month’s rent. The amount of rent varies greatly from city to city.
  • Expect additional costs for purchasing products for a living.
  • Make sure everything is arranged in time with your university or college.
  • In the winter, the evenings and nights can be chilly.
  • Last but not least, make sure all your passes and passport are valid long enough!

A lot wiser and almost ready to go. Enjoy a semester in this beautiful country with beautiful people, rich culture, and delicious food! For now, look around at the offer of internships and take the first step toward an internship in Spain.