8 tips to interview a candidate

8 tips to interview a candidate


An interview is the first step getting a great new trainee or employee. Follow these tips to be sure you will recruit the best candidates!

1. Start the interview with breaking the ice

Help the candidate to feel comfortable. As it might be the first interview of the trainee, they might be nervous. Let them understand that you’re not going to eat them. But remember to always act professional!

2. Ask about relevant experience

CV can hide many useful skills as well as lack of practical experience. In order to understand the expertise of the interviewee, think about the tasks that they would potentially utilize on their position and ask questions related to those tasks.

You will understand better both the strong and weak points of the candidate.

3. Ask about practical experience

Go further and ask which tools, applications, methods the candidate used. If the candidate doesn’t answer properly, but in the CV seems he/she has more experience, it might be not that true!

4. Ask why the candidate wants to join your company

Having a motivated and passionate candidate is always better.

During the selection process, understanding if the candidate is on the same page with your vision and mission, values and ideas is really important. A candidate that is enthusiastic about your company and the position, will most likely have better results as well.

5. If you are a startup, clearly specify it during the interview

Startups usually require motivated and flexible candidates. They would probably have to deal with new tasks, changes, challenges that could not be faced in already established companies.

6. Ask information about volunteering activities

A lot of candidates may have a volunteering experience in their CV.

Investigate the position covered by the candidate and the tasks they did.

Sometimes being in an NGO – association is nothing more than a regular membership.

7. Ask the candidate if he/she is available for hiring after the internship

If the candidate is not willing or can’t continue after the internship, you would like to know it in advance. Otherwise, you will put a lot of effort into training the person and after couple of months when he/she will leave, it will all start again.

8. Ask the interviewee if you can keep his/her contacts

You might not hire that person this time but maybe after some time it turns out that you need exactly that kind of person. Give her a call and ask if they’d be interested!

Now you can handle a perfect interview!

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