6 facts about working abroad

6 facts about working abroad

Have you ever considered starting a job outside your home country?

An impressive number of people are living and working abroad. As a matter of fact, according to the United Nations, the number is 232 million. This makes 3,2% of the population of the whole world.


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What are the main places where people go and why?

Even though the Middle East offers amazing benefits to talents from abroad, it seems that Western Europe is still considered as “the best” place where to work as an expat.

Switzerland was voted as the best place to work at by expats. And there is no wonder- a country with an amazing nature and mountains, multicultural environment and an average expat yearly salary of 163.986€. Also, on average, in 2016 people in Switzerland tool 5,12 weeks of holidays. What’s there not to like.

Sure there are many reasons why people move abroad, but the most common is still a career. A considerable 58% of all the expats moved because of a career aspect. More specifically the reasons were new challenges, better job prospects, employer requests and so on.

Why should I consider living abroad?

Living abroad isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. You will be away from your friends and family and everything you know well.  

However, once you have gained a working experience abroad, it will open you many doors. Working abroad will develop different skills like foreign languages, social and communication skills, as well as independence and discipline.

And prospective employers will value those above. Especially foreign languages, as 70% of UK businesses value foreign language skills in their employees. And 38% of businesses consider language skills particularly helpful in building relationships with clients, customers, and suppliers.

Furthermore, you will have an amazing opportunity to find new friends from all over the world and make good contacts. Friends, who will be there for you as you have shared an amazing experience.


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