5 tips if you’re overqualified for a job position

5 tips if you’re overqualified for a job position



Overqualified: a word which scares a lot of potential candidates for a job.

It could happen for many reasons that you are applying for a position in which you are considered overqualified, not being selected because of your education or experience.

But don’t worry, there are some tips we can share with:

1) Don’t show you are overqualified

We know, your CV is probably amazing. Remember that amazing job you did last year? Hide it from your CV!

Focus on the skills that are related to the position you are running from, Human Resources departments see lots of CV every day, give them what they do want to see.

2) Activate your network

Seek for some informations about your employees, you might have some connection with them in your network. In some cases, a good reference from one of your previous Chiefs might be useful!

3) Show you are flexible

Younger candidates might seek for their dream jobs and might have higher expectations than you. Show the employers that you are flexible with shifts, salary and you might have higher chances to get the position. But you always need to remember to respect yourself and your experience.

4) Focus on the benefits for the employer

Do you think you are the best candidate for this position? Explain it.

You will make the human resources work easier, and you will increase the possibilities to have the position. Remember that employers are not searching for the A-grade employee, but for the person who fits their goals.

5) Search for an another job!

Maybe you’re sticking with the wrong job idea. If you are overqualified, deal with that. Might be the opportunity to run for a higher position.

Check this Youtube video for some more ideas! Good luck, future trainees, and employees!

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