10 Tips to rent a room

10 Tips to rent a room

If you are planning to start an Internship in one of the beautiful countries of Europe, you have to prepare a bit yourself and make some research before taking the plane. For this reason, we have some Erasmus tips and we’ve thought that the first step for making your Internship perfect is, to look for rent a room. So, to help you, we designed a little list of advice that can certainly serve you. 

10 tips for a rent a room


  • Landlords are interested in renting a place for at least half a year (especially in august and September they are looking for clients like that). The biggest competition for apartments is at the end of summer and the beginning of the study year because a lot of students are coming.

        The location

  • The location is an important factor in choosing a place, but not necessarily to be the most important. Distance from your internship to your home can not be a big problem if a city are a friendly infrastructure, nice public transportation, or the possibility to rent a bike.


  • You can find accommodation on online platforms, listed on our blog. But another good place for finding accommodation is Facebook groups. It is good to connect with other ERASMUS people and live with other international students. When you are ERASMUS you are looking for friends with common interests as you have, who also love traveling, partying, and enjoying life. When you live together with other Erasmus, then it is easier to get in touch with new people and have an amazing time.

         Share your flat

  • So,  if you want to maintain the Erasmus tradition alive is to share your flat 🙂


  • Before coming you can schedule some meetings and prepare more. Then it is easier if you want to check an apartment before taking it.

         Manage you accommodation

  • If you can not manage your accommodation before arriving, first days you can stay in somebody’s place using couch-surfing. Local people can help you in finding your accommodation, you can meet new friends and save some money.

         Be careful with your contract

  • Read carefully what you are signing and if you don’t speak their native language – ask for English documentation. Being careful with your contract can save a lot of money and time.


  • Look suspicious at too cheap prices! Better pay more for service or guaranty, but live safe and calm in a legal way. Better communicate by e-mail or WhatsApp, before arriving in your host country. And also search on the internet for reviews upon your accommodation place.

    Good to have a plan B

  • If nothing is signed and no money is paid, everything can be canceled. In circumstances like that, you need to react quickly to find a new alternative. It is good to always have a plan B.

          Last tips.

  • Last but not least from our Erasmus tips: if you are planning to come back, you better keep your house-lords contact, in order to save some extra costs 🙂

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