10 TX lessons for a Skype interview

10 TX lessons for a Skype interview


The big moment arrived, yes it arrived. YOU are now having your first interview for internship an it is a Skype interview, a point start to your future career to be. So, take a deep breath and check our TX advises cause we have some good ideas down there 🙂 Here we begin.


Skype interview




1.Be elegant and comfortable in your chemise

Even if some people don’t find clothes as an existential matter, for another part of people, a first impression does matter for a Skype intervew. So, try wearing something comfortable and elegant, in the same time, which would transmit what a nice lady and gentleman you are. Thus, think wearing a chemise. Pyjamas with scrabble eggs spots is a bad idea, trust me. Neither, a shirt in which you struggle breathing. And look for the good part, you can still wear slippers.

2.Speak with confidence

Would you like how to do that, when you are in fact nervous?

First, try thinking a bit in advance about the questions they might ask you: things about your education, work experience or even hobbies and try to be spontaneous. Secondly, take a deep breath, try to slow down your voice, nervousness makes us talk too fast. Ok? Now you are almost ready. One more thing, though, remember that everybody had a first interview and an Internship.


Even if is kind of a cliché, remember that a smile makes you more pleasant and psychologically talking, it also reduces the tension between people by letting them now that we do enjoy a conversation with them. So, smile, smile and enjoy the Skype conversation dear Intern.

4.Keep your hands on the table

If you don´t want to seem bored by the conversion, try just to keep your hands on the table and not use them to support you head because psychologically talking, by doing this we show to the conversation partner that we are getting really bored and that we would like to do something completely different.

5.Keep your shoulders upright

Sometimes correcting our body is important and psychologically talking, you present confidence and you start feeling confidence. But, dear future intern, try not to look too sever; keep your body relaxed in the same time it is important for a Skype interview.

6.Be punctual!

A Skype interview is like a meeting also, it is just placed in the virtual world. Try not to make your trainer wait. Prepare yourself with a glass of water on the table and just take your time before beginning the Skype conversation.

7.The eyes got it!

Basically, don’t keep your eyes looking on the floor. You have enough time to clean the spots from the carpet, later. Thus, eyes contacted for a Skype interview, is definitely important.

8.Silence please!

It’s not about not saying a word, definitely, we are not talking about that, we just suggest you to close the windows and make your friends from the other room to put the TV volume down or in other words, just keep your room atmosphere calm. It is really important and it is also a sign of respect 🙂

9.Don’t interfere

Or, in other words, don’t talk when it’s not your turn :p

10.Focus on the subject

We all know that you have had a lot of good moments, and that you did a lot of exuberant activates with your friends, but don’t transform your Skype interview into a story about your life. Moreover, don’t talk about too personal staff, converting a Skype interview into a soap opera is really not such a good idea.


Now ‘cause you know all the secrets, go, show’em what you can!


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