Tips, Reviews and Recommendations Cons for an Internship abroad

Cons for an Internship abroad

Because everybody says that Erasmus is the greatest experience in a young fellow’s life, we tried to come up with some cons to so many pros considering an Internship abroad. So, here are our constraints regarding Erasmus mobility: 1. There’s too much awesomeness in being awesome Everybody tells you what a great experience they’ve had during …

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Career Development Business etiquette Southeast Europe

Business etiquette Southeast Europe

“A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.” Johan Wolfgang von Goethe Moving into another country for an Erasmus internship brings a lot of new challenges to overcome, people to meet, places to see, and cultural differences to learn. As an intern entering the world of business you must learn the …

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Lifestyle Internship in smaller city. Twice more fun!

Internship in smaller city. Twice more fun!

ERASMUS is always a good opportunity for all the young people that are looking for a working experience abroad also in small cities. One question is still open though: where is the students’ paradise? Charm of the big names, such as Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia every year enthrals and attracts a huge amount of students …

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