Working from home

Working from home

Many people around the globe have to adapt to new circumstances right now. These circumstances mean working from home, studying and excersice inside it.

The lucky ones, who can safely stay at home, get to turn their living rooms into office spaces. The ones who have never had to telecommute before might find it difficult to concentrate, manage their time, and to get the job done. Therefore, we have combined some of the tips and suggestions that we find useful for productive work from home.

Arrange your workplace

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The first very important step is to organize a workspace. Shall it be a dining table, a comfy armchair, a corner of your couch, or even your bed, is up to you. The most common option is, of course, a desk that most people have, however, depending on the nature of your job and your personal preference, it can be anything. Make sure it is comfortable enough for you to stay a full working day, but not so comfortable that you could fall asleep; thus, a bed might not be the best option for most of us after all, let’s be honest. 😉

You can try a few spots in your house before you find the best one. However, it is highly recommended to separate your workspace from your relax space. This will help you to focus on your tasks. For instance, if you decide to work at your dining table, make sure to sit on the other side than you normally do when you eat, or if this is not possible, adapt the space by removing all the unnecessary items, such as mugs, plates, etc.

Once you are settled, make sure that the surroundings have as few distractions as possible. For instance, if you are working by the window, make sure not to catch a cold, not to be distracted by the street noise, nor by the sun.

Choose your work clothes

The beauty of working from home for most people is that they can wear anything they want. Whether it’s your pajamas, a comfortable hoodie, a pair of sweatpants, or that favorite t-shirt of yours which has more holes than the super expensive cheese you always wanted to try, everything is allowed! Wearing loungewear will help you stay focused on your task, however, the same rule applies here: don’t get too comfy! If you feel too relaxed and not get much work done, it’s probably best for you to switch to clothes that you would wear on a usual workday.

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Moreover, if your job includes tasks that allow people to see you, such as online interviews, lectures, conferences, etc., make sure to look professional. Even though your professionalism doesn’t only depend on what you wear, just keep in mind that you are still working, even if you are at home.

Keep the routine

The best way to stay productive is to adapt your usual routine to the new setting. For example, if you work from 8 am to 5 pm, keep up with your normal schedule. Wake up, take a shower, prepare breakfast, exercise, and do everything you normally do before work. Then direct yourself to your new workspace, as if you were going to the office.

Avoid social media

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Many of us have a problem keeping our hands off of our phones. It is even harder when you are out of the office and no one is watching you. Thus, a five-minute break on Instagram might turn into an hour of your work time wasted. How to avoid that?

One of the easiest solutions is to mute the phone for the time you are supposed to be working. Additionally, there is a variety of apps that can block certain notifications and applications on your phone. Our personal favorite is “Forest”; it allows you to set the timer for 10-120 minutes. Once the timer is set you cannot use your phone at all, otherwise, the tree you are planting might die. Sounds funny to you? Not at all, the trees you are growing are allowing you to collect coins that you can donate to grow real-life trees! Think about it, you are investing in the environment simply by not using your phone and getting your work done! To us, it sounds like a win-win. 🙂

Moreover, most smartphones have similar built-in functions. For instance, you can regulate the screen time on your phone settings by establishing usage limits for the apps on your phone. One is the bedtime function, it restricts you from using selected apps for the duration of your choosing, which can be very helpful if you struggle to focus on your work.

Have breaks and exercise

Additionally, such apps might be very helpful to remind you to take breaks. This is also very important as it helps people to stay productive, especially if they need to work from home. Yes, you read it right, make sure to take breaks! Too often people forget to rest and as a result, get tired much faster.

Another very common mistake is for people to spend their breaks on social media. Even if we’ve already mentioned it, it is important to realize that there are other things to do! The best way to spend your break is to move, as you probably don’t get to move as much anymore. Exercising during breaks will make you feel much better, due to endorphins, chemicals that cause the instant and long-lasting feeling of euphoria. Study shows that even a 20-minute exercise can make one feel happy for up to 12 hours. (Australian Fitness Academy, 2018)

Here are some of our favorites:


  • @nienkke weekly posts her home workouts, which require only simple equipment. No much space or experience needed. Suitable for everyone, easy to follow and are completely free. Check her highlights. 🙂
  • @lucymountain is a creator of @nobsguides for at home and in gym workouts. Both guides are suitable for beginners, are fairly priced and include a 12-week realistic exercise plan. Lucy also created a supportive online community of like-minded people that could be a great solution for the time of social distancing.


  • The Body Coach TV is a source of over 250 home workouts for everyone. It’s completely free, there are videos for any age and fitness level. Most workouts are relatively short, so you can easily do them during your break.
  • POPSUGAR Fitness is a channel that offers a variety of cardio, dance and no equipment workouts. Needless to say, it’s free, energetic and run by professionals!


  • Focus T25 workout is a great solution for the ones who do not want to spend much time exercising but want to get the best results in a short time. You need to be ready to commit to it 5 days a week for 25 minutes each time, which should be possible for most people. The routine is perfect for home workout and doesn’t require any previous experience.
  • Nike Training Club is one of our absolute favorites apps for exercising. It is free, it has a great variety of home workouts with or without equipment, for beginners and professionals. The app also allows you to listen to your music while exercising.
  • Fitness Blender is a website run by a charming couple. As stated on the website they provide «Workout videos for every fitness level. Absolutely free.», so no excuses! 😉

Remember, you can find a countless number of any kind of exercise online. We are sure there is something for everyone 😉

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Overall, keep up with your normal schedule, don’t forget to take breaks, eat healthily and drink enough water. Go to sleep on time, wake up as you would on usual workdays, and avoid procrastination as much as possible.

Have a productive quarantine!