French student grants for an internship abroad

French student grants for an internship abroad

Have you already found an internship abroad and want to know which kind of financial help you can app. y too? Here is a non-exhaustive list of French student grants you can have in France.

All the french student grants for an internship abroad

How to apply for the French student grants?

The Erasmus+ grant

This is undoubtedly the best-known scholarship to study abroad. Erasmus + is a European student exchange program for going to Europe. It can be awarded to you if you are doing part of your studies in a European country, in a higher education establishment, or an inter-institutional exchange.

Nevertheless, each institution participating in the program defines its procedures and schedule. The duration of the allowance is between 2 and 12 months, and its amount varies from € 300 to € 450 / month. This amount varies according to the cost of living in the country of destination.

It is important to know that the payment of this scholarship is not monthly, but done twice, on the 80/20 model. The first one is done in the first weeks and the remaining 20% is on the return to the country of origin (after receipt of the attendance certificate and the Erasmus study report).

To obtain it, you must apply to your institution’s international relations office. It is usually requested to build a project with a cover letter and must be done a few months before departure.

Support for international mobility

This assistance is awarded to students wishing to do an internship abroad, in the context where they meet the following conditions:

  • The stay lasts between 2 and 9 consecutive months

  • You are a scholarship holder of higher education on social criteria or beneficiary of an annual allowance

  • You are preparing a national diploma within the competence of the Ministry of Higher Education

  • Your internship abroad is part of your course of study

If this is the case, you will receive 400 € per month and it can be combined with the grants on social criteria as well as the merit grant.

How can I have it?

You must send a file to the international relations department of your institution. Each application is selected based on the quality and pedagogical interest of the student’s project, as well as compliance with the institution’s international policy.
This assistance takes into account the duration of the stay and the specificities of reception, such as the distance or the cost of living on the spot. Finally, each candidate is informed before his departure abroad, of the amount of money that has been granted to him.

Other French student grants?

Grants for doing internships abroad for students at french universities are given by the region.

 Check out our Grants page for new grants!

Concerning the administrative region in which your school depends, you will find more information on the site Each region has its measures and can be combined with other financial help.

There is also other help that you can ask yours in the home department, or to your town hall. For more information, do not hesitate to contact them and ask the necessary questions. Some help can be unlocked according to your needs and the size of the municipality.