Erasmus +

Erasmus + is the new mobility program of the European Union for Education, Training, Youth and Sports for the period of 2014 to 2020 which has replaced all the previous mobility programs of the EU, including the projects "Leonardo da Vinci" and "Erasmus Mundus", grouping them under one name.


Possible participants of the programme are students and recent graduates (up to one year after graduation) studying at a European Higher Education Institution (Universities and Vocational Education and Training Institutions)


Students can spend from minimum 2 to maximum 12 months for each cycle of study (maximum 12 months as a Bachelors student, again 12 months during the Master, and 12 months during the PhD). Those 12 months can be used to do any of the activities included in the Erasmus+ student mobility: an Erasmus+ study period and an Erasmus+ traineeship (work placement)-for example if you already used 7 months of study period you can do 5 more months of traineeship. The traineeship is under the financial support of the Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeships grant.


Students who can apply are the ones still studying or have recently graduated (students can do the traineeship in the period of up until one year after graduation, but they have to apply for the traineeship before graduating).


The Trainees eligible for the traineeship are the ones studying or graduated from an University in an EU country or a Partner country in the Erasmus+ programme. These students can get a grant which is sufficient to cover their costs of living (See page 46).


You can get all the information for the application for the grant at the International Bureau and from the Erasmus coordinator at your University. Different Universities have different deadlines and conditions for application, it is important to talk to your International Bureau or your Erasmus coordinator at the University first!


The next step is to find a work placement.


Training Experience will help you to find a receiving organization where you will be working during your traineeship. Students will have the opportunity to do an internship in organizations, institutions, enterprises, training centers or research centers.


After the selection process and after being accepted by the receiving organization, institution or enterprise, Training Experience starts to prepare all the paperwork, meaning the documents required by the Erasmus+ programe.


The required documents before the mobility starts are:

  • the Acceptance Letter/ Letter of traineeship; a letter signed by the receiving organization to confirm they will receive the trainee. The document is not obligatory it depends on the university if they require it.
  • the Learning agreement for traineeship; this is a document that defines the learning outcomes, the formal recognition provisions and lists the rights and obligations of the trainee, the sending organization (the University or other higher education institution) and the receiving institution.
  • the Grant Agreement; the financial agreement document that is prepared by the sending institution and signed by the trainee.

The required documents during the mobility are:

  • Arrival letter; a letter signed by the trainee and the receiving organization that confirms the start of the work placement.
  • Monthly reports; repots explaining the monthly program of the traineeship, and what the trainee has been doing in the past month, signed by the trainee and the mentor in the receiving organization.
  • Modifications to the Learning agreement of traineeship; possible changes of the duration of the mobility, the mentor, the content of the work placement; If these changes happen the receiving organization has to insert them into the learning agreement of traineeship and send them to the sending organization for approval.

The required documents after the mobility are:

  • The Traineeship certificate- a document signed by the receiving organization that confirms the results of the work placement
  • The Transcript of Records- an additional document signed by the receiving organization that describes the results of the work placement

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