Tips, Reviews and Recommendations Mastering a new language

Mastering a new language

We all know the benefits of learning a new language. If not, check HERE to find out 5 reasons to do so. However, adopting this skill might not be the easiest task. Especially when the new language is completely different from your mother tongue.  A couple of easy tips aka mastering a new language 101 …

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Tips, Reviews and Recommendations 20 reasons for an Erasmus Mobility

20 reasons for an Erasmus Mobility

  Because we want to exclude any doubt upon choosing an mobility with erasmus, we came out with a list of 20 reasons Pro Internship and we think that after reading this, you won´t have second thoughts 🙂 1st You become very self-sufficient and independent. 2nd Second reason: You grow up a lot and very …

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