Career Development Tips and tricks for a great resume

Tips and tricks for a great resume

Since most of you are just starting we want to help you create an outstanding resume. At Training Experience we receive many CV’s on our platform every day from students all over Europe. For this blog post, we have carefully reviewed a lot of resumes. To increase your chances of getting hired, we created this …

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Tips, Reviews and Recommendations 20 reasons for an Erasmus Mobility

20 reasons for an Erasmus Mobility

  Because we want to exclude any doubt upon choosing an mobility with erasmus, we came out with a list of 20 reasons Pro Internship and we think that after reading this, you won´t have second thoughts 🙂 1st You become very self-sufficient and independent. 2nd Second reason: You grow up a lot and very …

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Career Development Business etiquette Southeast Europe

Business etiquette Southeast Europe

“A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.” Johan Wolfgang von Goethe Moving into another country for an Erasmus internship brings a lot of new challenges to overcome, people to meet, places to see, and cultural differences to learn. As an intern entering the world of business you must learn the …

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Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs program Erasmus for Young

Entrepreneurs program Erasmus for Young

We all heard about Erasmus Entrepreneurs grants for students and the international experience young people can gain through this program, but what if you already finished your studies and you´re planning to start your own business? Well, good news! There is another program that might help you to gain that international experience you have ever dreamed …

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