Successful Intern and further employee: Raluca

Successful Intern and further employee: Raluca


elevate  Hello, Raluca!

Due to the fact that you are currently got employed by the same place where you have made your Internship we consider you one of our successful stories. So, TX decided to find out more information about your experience in order to further share it and make our future Interns aware about this brilliant fact. Thus, thank you for being a successful Intern and also, for accepting our interview!


TX: Firstly, tell as some brief info about you. Like where do you live and work at the moment, where are you from, how old are you?

 R: My name is Raluca and I´m 27 years old. I´m from Romania and I´m currently living in Valencia, Spain. I work in an English academy which is also the same place that I completed my Internship.

TX: Secondly, when and how did you decide to start an Internship and be a future successful Intern? What determined you to try it?

R: I´ve always been passionate about languages and this internship was the perfect opportunity for me to practice my Spanish and English.

TX: How did you hear about us?

R: I saw a post on Facebook that caught my attention so I decided to look further into it.

TX: Do you think that we helped you, in some way, in your process of forming your career and in being a successful Intern?

R: Definitely, yes!

TX: Describe a bit your time as an Intern because we want to find up more about your experience and how did u become a successful Intern. 😉

R: Travelling to another country to work was an exciting feeling. Working in Valencia gave me an opportunity to not only absorb the Spanish culture but also use my language skills on a day to day basis. I loved going to work every day because the atmosphere was great. The staff, students and kids were all very welcoming and i never missed a day of work!

TX: Did you make friends in your Internship?

R: Yes, I made many friends on my Internship, many of which I am still in touch and working with.

TX: How did you get the job after the period of practice? How did u become a successful Intern?

R: They just asked me to help out with their different programs and I was given more and more responsibilities. Eventually, I was asked if I wanted to have a permanent job working with them.

TX: Have you thought of staying in the company, from the very beginning?

R: Good question!

At first, I did not. But as time went on I realised that it would be a great place to work because I fitted in very well.

TX: Do you consider an Internship as a good opportunity to learn and practice?

R: Definitely, it is a good opportunity for young people.

TX: What do you think about the fact that companies are actually looking to hire interns after their period of practice?

R: I think it´s great! It means that Erasmus students are obviously doing a great job and making the most of their time abroad!

TX: Do you enjoy your job, at the moment?

R: Yes, absolutely. I love my job! I feel like I have grown as a person.

TX: What do you think about Erasmus in general?

R: It´s a great opportunity that everyone should make the most of! It´s incredible to meet people from other countries and exploring different parts of the world.

TX: What advises would you give to the future young learners and probably one of the future successful Interns?

R: Not everyone has the chance to go on Erasmus, so if you do, you should go!


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