20 reasons for an Erasmus Mobility

20 reasons for an Erasmus Mobility


Because we want to exclude any doubt upon choosing an Erasmus mobility, we came out with a list of 20 reasons Pro Internship and we think that after reading this, you won´t have second thoughts 🙂

🙂 First reason: You become very self-sufficient and independent.diseno-sin-titulo-68

Second reason: You grow up a lot and very quickly.

Third reason: Not many students stay abroad, it is something noteworthy on you CV 🙂

4. Being fluent in a foreign language will open innumerable doors and possibilities to you, both in your career and personal life.

5. You can kick-start your creativity.

6. You can learn about local art, history and culture to understand about the world from a different perspective.

7. You might discover a lower cost living for a higher quality of life.

8.It will help you appreciate home more.

9. Learn a new language/languages.

10. Build long lasting friendships.

11. Because according to recent studies, 1 of 3 interns were offered a job by the company.

12. Because 1 of 10 Erasmus New Entrepreneurs start their own company.diseno-sin-titulo-69

13. Because according to recent studies, 81% of the mobility staff, noticed a real change in their life.

14. Because 27% of Erasmus alumni had met their current life partner during their mobility. 🙂

15. Because according to the Big five study, Erasmus mobile staff, developed extroversion, openness, agreeableness, remarkableness and conscientiousness.

16. Because 90% of the Interns, perceived a gain in their confidence through studying.

17. Because some companies require international experience.

18. Because more than 70% of mobile staff observed a gain in knowledge of good practice and new skills during their mobility.

19. Because you can simply get a better job.

20. Because according to the Development of European consciousness in Erasmus students study, the words most frequently used by interns were : discover ( 31, 07%), love (13%) and dream (10%), followed by life, world and experience. 🙂diseno-sin-titulo-70

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