Erasmus stories: Valentina’s Internship, short interview

Erasmus stories: Valentina’s Internship, short interview


Because some of you are still a bit skeptical about us, TX decided to interview some of the students that worked with us, in order to share their experience with all of you, there! So, take a cup of tea and enjoy the life story that we will present to you:

Hello, Valentina!

First of all, thank you for accepting our invitation for a short interview 🙂

We are pleased to know more about your Erasmus+ experience, as you are, we can definitely say, a successful story for us and certainly, a motivational example for other young learners. Thus, Valentina, here are our questions for you that we are looking forward to knowing the answers.

TX: Firstly, tell as some brief info about you. Like where do you live and work at the moment, where are you from, how old are you,?

V: First of all thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience! I’m Italian, almost 25 years old, born and raised in a small town near Milan. I’m currently working in the digital marketing field in an important media agency here in Milan.

TX: Secondly, when and how did you decide to start an Internship? What determined you to try it?

V: After I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication I was so confused. I didn’t know if I wanted to start working or study a Master’s Degree. So I decided to take a gap year and do something productive abroad. I did Erasmus in 2013 and I already knew how was to live in a foreign country and get in touch with a different culture.

TX: How did you hear about us?

V: I was surfing the internet looking for an Internship and I saw your website. I filled the form and like two days later Fernando contacted me. He’s really friendly and professional, just like the other guys who worked there.

TX: Do you think that we helped you, in some way, in your process of forming your career?

V: Yes! I didn’t know anything about digital communication before I started my Internship in Valencia! I liked it so much that I decided to go back home and deepen the topic with a Master’s Degree in Digital Communication and Advertising.

 TX: Have you traveled as an Intern?

V: Yes, I went to Barcelona and Alicante.

TX: Did you make friends in your Internship?

V: Yes I do! I met a lot of international people especially by participating in events organized by ESN or other Erasmus communities.

TX: Do you consider an Internship as a good opportunity to learn and practice?

V: Personally yes: my Bachelor’s degree gave me a lot of theoretical knowledge, but really I needed to learn something practical

TX: Do you enjoy your job, at the moment?

V: I do, a lot

TX: What do you think about Erasmus in general?

V: I did 2 and they were the best time of my life, I absolutely do not regret applying for both!

TX: What advice would you give to the future young learners?

V: To be like a sponge and try to soak up as many things as they can! 

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