Slovenia: the new country of youth?

Slovenia: the new country of youth?



Due to the fact that we started to hear more and more often about Slovenia and its joyful atmosphere, TX over here decided to investigate the rumors and what we have discovered were totally a bunch of cool facts and projects that at the moment are fully growing in this beautiful country. If you don’t believe us, take a look upon our researches and decide by yourself if Slovenia is the new country of youth.

  1. Slovenia is economically growing since 2013

Slovenia today is a developed country that enjoys prosperity and stability.  Moreover, studies showed that this beautiful country was the first new member of the European Union to adopt the euro as a currency in January 2007 and it has been a member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development since 2010. Nevertheless, Slovenia started to experience an economic boom after 2013 due to the fact that more and more corporations decide to come and develop here. Also, statistics show that almost two thirds of the working population are employed in services.diseno-sin-titulo-49

  1. Slovenia offers 50% off, discount coupons, for students and Interns

The students association from Slovenia gives approximately 25 discount coupons (per month). Students or Interns can take benefit and actually eat extremely cheap and when I say cheap, I mean it! TX found out that the most expensive dinner will cost you around 4 euros while the cheapest will cost you less than 1 euro! When I say 1 EURO I mean a daily menu which contains: soup, salad, main dish and desert. Also, we’ve talked with students whom told us that their soups are amazing with a lot of Balkan flavors that are absolutely mouth-watering. This is another evidence that Slovenia is the new country of youth and fun.



  1. Ljubljana, the capital city of beautiful Slovenia, it’s overcrowded by Erasmus people

At the begin of our research, we thought that not many Erasmus people choose Slovenia for an Internship. We were dumbfounded, thunder-stricken and really glad to hear that this beautiful, full of nature. The country is also full of young Erasmus people that bring even more light to the city. TX also found out that the city is both full of small intimate bars, but also, ‘’congested’’ by pubs and other vivid places for those who want to escape silence from time to time. MUHAHA, this is why Slovenia is the new country of youth.



  1. Slovenia-alternative-classic-traditional-outrages- artistic, city

There is a street called Metelkova which is considered to be one of the best alternatives. The artistic street from Europe, due to the numerous graffiti’s, paintings, concerts and artistic people whom gladly take part on this phenomena. This is why Slovenia is the new country of youth.diseno-sin-titulo-42


  1. Camping and Hiking in Slovenia

Camping and Hiking are something really usual and common for the young people in Slovenia. Also, we want you to decide by yourself if Slovenia is the new country of youth.

We let the pictures talk








Slovenia is the new country of youth. Be part of the phenomena and you’ll experience daily prosperity.

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