How to do an economical Internship? 10 tips

How to do an economical Internship? 10 tips


Everybody knows that coming in another country and in a new city it’s a great experience indeed, but don’t forget to be a little more economical in an Internship and spend your money wisely cause’ otherwise you will end up barehanded and it’s not really pleasant. So, take some not notes and pay attention to what we advise you, because’ here you have 10 tips dedicated to this matter:

  1. Invest the first money, wisely!

I’m talking about the first shopping session that you have to do while coming in a new country.

Firstly, think about common things that you need: I would say; a shampoo, soap, detergent, and some other little things that are related to personal hygiene. And no, you don’t need that super new shampoo that makes your hair brighter. Keep it modest, for an economical Internship 🙂

  1. Buy food wisely!diseno-sin-titulo-5

Before going out of the new apartment, do a shopping list. Think of a weekly menu. Thus, Monday I’m going to eat pasta for lunch. Thus, we advise you to buy little things for a simple daily menu. Try not to waste food. For example, buy cereals and a liter of milk and if you don´t want to eat this all week for breakfast, Buy some 6 eggs and in this way, for 3 days you can eat scrambled eggs and vary a bit your breakfast menu. Also, products like pasta are really helpful since you can use them various times in different weeks.

  1. Go to clubs wisely!diseno-sin-titulo-6

If you don’t want to pay and waste lots of money on entrances to different clubs and pubs, try downloading some Apps dedicated to Nightlife. They will keep you updated and I think that you can also write your name on some free lists. In this way you will not have to pay the entrance. Also, I guess that most clubs have this policy: Free entry before a specific hour.

  1. Actually, download some free Apps regarding traveling and recommendations.diseno-sin-titulo-4

By downloading traveling Apps, you can find out where are all the local places where you can eat good and cheap, or where you can find open markets with fresh and cheap food, for an economical Internship.

  1. Use and rent bicycles instead of public transport.diseno-sin-titulo-3

I guess that now, every city of Europe encourages riding bikes. Thus, you are going to spend little money for renting a bike. Especially when is so healthy using them. 🙂

  1. Avoid going to shopping (clothes)diseno-sin-titulo-9

I know that for girls, this is a delightful activity, but girls, try to stay away from this devilish places. Anyway, girls never have enough cloths. Sometimes a shopping session can end up really badly. 🙂 and worse, it’s the opposite for an economical Internship.

  1. Travel wisely!diseno-sin-titulo-7

Before going to a trip to visit the country that you are now discovering, try to plan things a bit. Ask your boss or locals which is the best way to travel in the country. Maybe, you can find some organised trips if you are by your own in the country, but otherwise, try to plan things a bit. For example, search for hostels and book them or search for some places where you can have a cheap, local and delicious dinner.

  1. Participate in student activities.

You definitely have an Erasmus local point in the city where you will do your Internship. Try getting in contact with them. They create a lot of activities for students. In this way, you will meet and make a lot of friends!

  1. Go for nature activities!diseno-sin-titulo-8

Sometimes going in a park and making a picnic is way up better than a club. Just saying 🙂

So, that’s pretty much all, folks! Hope you enjoyed our tips for an Economical Internship.


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