Erasmus through the eyes of Nini; a visionary leader.

Erasmus through the eyes of Nini; a visionary leader.


Because CoAcad won this year the St Star Awards for the best new agency in the field of learning languages education centre, and because we all love Nini (it’s founder) for this reasons but also for being such a strong, funny and wise man, we’ve decided to take an interview of him, in order to find out how is Erasmus through the eyes of Nini; an educator and visionary leader but, also to receive some advises from him.

We might also say that Nini is not only the founder of CoAcad, but also of Language Exchange concept in Valencia, a place and a concept that became almost part of the Valencia’s traditions. Somehow like a ‘must do’ when you come in Valencia. What and how does this concept works? You’re on the way of finding out.

So, folks and future Interns, take a look on this interview and decide which is better or not, to be part of the Erasmus dream 🙂

TX: Nini, describe yourself in 5 words.

N: languages, traveling, party, work and enjoy.

TX: What exactly it is Language Exchange and how did you start the whole concept?

N: The idea first started from the simplest fact that I came to Spain and wanted to learn Spanish. I must add here, that I didn’t intend to live in Spain, but here am I!

So, I wanted to spent money in order to learn a language but eventually I have thought that I could learn Spanish and I could teach different languages to other people, in the same time. So, basically, I started looking for persons who could spend half on hour of their time speaking Spanish with me. Thus, I have started looking for these people on Internet but also put posters in the streets near the traffic lights: I look for persons whom could I talk with, in Spanish. And guess what? People, eventually, became positive about this idea.

TX: So, basically, as any dream, your dream became and had grown step by step.

N: Yes. Imagine that people started calling for the first 15 days not because of Language Exchange, but for Partner’s exchangeThis happened because in Spain nobody ever heard of the concept of Language Exchange. So I can definitely say that the phone calls were a little weird.  So, in the first month it was only one person, after we were seven and now, we are hundreds.

TX: So, you basically say that it is very important to never lose your hope.

N: Yes. Also, the idea was that people were being really cooperative but they didn’t have the message clear, since it was a new concept for them. I was also surprised that people were actually reading my posters from the traffic lights areas.

TX: Because now you have different locations were you keep your language exchange meetings, were people actually talk and practice new languages, my question would be: Where had you have your first language exchange meeting?

N: In a Kebab.

After some meetings we were starting to keep the socializing event in my house. But we become such a numerous group that we had to keep the meetings in bars. That’s when Language Exchange really started. At the beginning we were meeting only on Wednesdays, now we keep the meetings almost the whole week.  I have to say that in this time I also had a job in a restaurant and after, education. I became a teacher trainer.diseno-sin-titulo-19

TX: Nini, what about CoAcad?

N: It also started step by step. We started talking with schools and Universities. So, CoAcad started to expand in Italy, Germany, France and Spain. Here people can learn languages from professionals.

 I might say, Language Exchange and CoAcad are one of the best group and respectively, language centre in Europe at the moment.

TX: Nini, because you get in contact with so many young people here and Erasmus people as I have seen, but also, because you are a visionary leader for this people, I want you to tell me what do you think about the whole Erasmus Concept? And how do you make all this young learners, keep coming at your meetings? We want to know more about Erasmus through the eyes of Nini.

N: Firstly, Universities inform students about us. After, you know that thing a friend of a friend told me.

About Erasmus, I only have good words to say. It is a great concept! Because, firstly, traveling itself it is a very good experience! One of the most important decisions of your life! Traveling! It’s even greater that you can make this with the help of the government. It’s the best thing! Travel, party, work and meet new people! Please, don’t stay only with the same persons from your nationality; try to get friends all over Europe! It is a great thing. It is the best option! Learn about local people, explore!diseno-sin-titulo-20

It is a good experience for Interns; they have the chance to remain in a country if they like it. Erasmus gives them these chances, gives them wings to travel and have good memories.

An advice for the young learners would be to learn the language also, learn about the local culture, learn, learn, and learn. Don’t stay at home! 

Make friends!diseno-sin-titulo-22

TX: Nini, can you tell me a funny moment with an Erasmus Intern? We want to know even more about Erasmus through the eyes on Nini.

N: I can write a book about that. Let me think…Erasmus Interns and Students are great!

Ok, once a girl was literally on the bar, dancing, after all the shots that he won during a game. We were trying to get her down.

TX: Nini, can you give an advice for all our future Interns? Coming for a wise man like you with some many plans yet, and ideas and taking into consideration that we really want to see Erasmus through the eyes on Nini?!

N: Play hard! Travel! Meet locals, explore! Travelling with an Erasmus experience is the best experience you can ever have! Travel! People who travel a lot are amazing! Education is travelling, exploring new countries, leaving in these countries. Education is not enough if not accompanied by travelling!diseno-sin-titulo-21

TX: Thank you very much for sharing your experience, Nini! And thank you for letting us see Erasmus through the eyes of Nini.

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