Brilliant low-budget Halloween costume tips

Brilliant low-budget Halloween costume tips



Because Halloween it´s knocking on our doors and because we damn have the All Hallows’ Eve, we thought of making a list of brilliant and cheap costumes for every student budget. So, here you have some TX inspiring ideas:

  1. Harley Quinn

Everybody felt in love with Harley Quinn at some point, it´s just irresistible and we couldn´t help it, either. Thus, creating a costume like hers can´t be that difficult, especially when the most important tool is your attitude.So, go for it!diseno-sin-titulo-6

  1. Joker

If we mentioned Harley, we have to talk about the masculine version of hers. So, being the Joker it is always a good idea, plus you have a lot of options because Joker seems to always reinvent himself. A costume like his can´t be difficult to afford, especially when you have an old suit in your house and some paints.diseno-sin-titulo-7

  1. Corps Bride

If you know this movie, you definitely know what are we talking about, if not, than, dear Intern, it´s a must, especially for a Halloween period. Being a Corpese bride it´s always a bloody costume:)diseno-sin-titulo-8

  1. Skeleton

You can always improvise more and more. You can even turn into a mummy from a skeleton with some paper and glue. It´s not so difficult creating a Halloween costume like this.diseno-sin-titulo-9

  1. Keep it simple and Vote for Pedro

Sometimes, you can form a costume with your friends. Sharing is carrying, at least, that´s what they say. So, keep calm and Vote for Pedro.diseno-sin-titulo-1

  1. A good make-up is always welcomed

If you´re not so good at drawing, try to take your time and practice a little bit before the actual party. A good Halloween make-up can be your Halloween costume.diseno-sin-titulo-2

  1. Who’s your favorite character?

Everyone dreams sometimes of becoming their favorite character, actress or actor. Now, it´s the perfect occasion for this. Moreover, you can add some bloody  details on your outfit.diseno-sin-titulo-38.Cheap and not so chic

Soemtimes, few elements can do a lot. At least, that´s what this boys thought. So, yeah, it´s time to be a Cereal Killer or better, an Upside-down man.


  1. Go back to your classicsadams


Being one of the Adams is always a good idea, mostly because they are the perfect description of Halloween´s spirit. So, never forget our Classics and try an Adams Halloween costume.

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