How to make a Learning Agreement for Traineeships

How to make a Learning Agreement for Traineeships

For a lot of students, an internship start with the question ”What is a Learning Agreement for Traineeships (called also Training Agreement)?” And here is the answer: ”A Training  Agreement (TA) is a document, that defines and proves a relationship between you, your university and company, in which you would like to have the internship.” Basically, it is the most important document for your internship, that’s why you need to make it properly and responsibly.




  1. How to make a TA?

    Of course, you can make a contract between all 3 parties by yourself or fill template, which has made your University or sending institution.

  2. Basically, first part of TA must include contacts on all 3 parties and all necessary information about:

    •    Trainee (name, surname, date of birth, nationality, sex, study cycle and field of education)
    •    Sending institution (name, department, address, country, contact person name, e-mail, phone)
    •    Receiving institution (name, department, address, country, size, contact person name, position, e-mail, phone and contacts o your mentor)

  3. Part ‘’Before mobility’’- Traineeship Programme at the Receiving Organization.

    This part you are filling up together with your internship placement, and it defines all conditions about your relationships in all stages of the internship.
    •    Training period and working hours
    •    Agreed tasks and detailed program of traineeship
    •    Learning Outcomes (like skills and competencies which you will have after your mobility)
    •    Training period and working hours
    •    Aims and recognition
    •    Monitoring and evaluation plan

  4. Part ‘’Before mobility’’- Sending Institution.

    This part you should fill in, with your University. It includes all for your University necessary information:
    •    How many ECTS you will collect
    •    What document you need to give for reports
    •    Insurance

  5. Part ‘’Before mobility’’ Receiving Enterprise.

    Your Supervisor in internship is filling this part
    •    Will you get any financial support?
    •    Insurance

  6. Pay attention to right contacts, your tasks and dates of internship!Check, that contacts and data about all 3 involved sides, your tasks, and dates of internship are right. Why is it super important? Dates provide your actual internship period- if you worked more days as it was mentioned in your contract, you can get some extra money from EU and government. Or about tasks- if they are defined in TA and all 3 parties have accepted them with their signatures, then you have a guarantee, that you will do only them. For example, if you have the internship in PR sector, and according to TA your only tasks are communication strategy development and social media, you don’t need to make a coffee for boss every morning or make some documentation. You can go to the boss, show your training agreement and say: ‘’It is not my work and I will not do it.’’ TA can give u a lot of power if you can make it right and responsibly. Cool, no?
  7. Terms and conditions of the internship

    This area is made for privacy regulations, insurances and responsibilities.

  8. A curricular vs extra-curricular

    Two difficult terms with easy meaning. Speaking shortly: Curricular- You are getting some ECTS credits for your university; Extracurricular- A Volunteer way, not necessary connected with your education.

  9. When and which parts should be completed?

    The first part of TA (”before mobility”) must be filled and signed before your internship. It is all information until paragraph ‘’during mobility’’.
    Part ‘’during mobility’’ must show all your changes in internship period, about which you are informing your host organization and sending institution. For example, you fill it if your tasks are changing.
    Part ‘’after mobility’’ must be fill in the end of your mobility. Basically, the same as in previous parts, but the only difference is your Supervisor’s evaluation of your progress. This part is like an acceptation, that you have successfully completed your internship.

  10. What is the proper order of collecting signatures?

    The agreement must be sign first of all by the intern (you), the receiving company (place of your internship) and then by sending institution (university). Take into account, that making documentation and collecting signatures can take some time and nerves, that’s why advisable to make a start on this as early as possible.

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