9 Free Mobile Apps Great for Erasmus Students

9 Free Mobile Apps Great for Erasmus Students

Can you imagine how people travelled 100 years ago? Time of travelling was not measured in hours, but in days or even months. Meeting strange people, wild animals and dealing with dangerous situations at every step was something normal. 

Luckily, in the 21st century travelling is much more easier than for our grand grand grandparents. For example as a first aid in this stressful situations and challenges of travelling come modern technologies. Right now the mobile apps can help you to make your Erasmus more relaxed, because the right guide of your tour is only one tap away. And here are our recommendations.


  • The best navigation app – Maps.ME!Maps.me

Over 40 M downloads worldwide and the fact that is the TOP 1 position mobile travel app in more than 100 countries shows the quality of this app. Providing instant access to detailed maps of all countries from anywhere in the world! No internet connection is required, what is one of the biggest benefits. Of course, it has a lot of other features, as a location sharing with friends, auto-follow mode, incredible speed, millions of points-of-interest to discover (restaurants, tourist attractions) and others.

Not in all counties you can find a friendly Wi-Fi environment, that’s why it is better to be prepared for all life’s situations. This application helps to find over 320000 registered public Wi-Fi hotspots close to your location. Isn’t that great, or what?

  • Plan your journey with a Pocket travel agent – TripIt!


This application is taking care of all your confirmation emails for hotels, flights, events and put it all together, allowing you to easily manage your schedule. You can even access your itinerary offline, while in flight or have the chance to avoid roaming charges when traveling abroad. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s one step ahead.

Over 70 million people are learning new languages for free in a fun way, as in a kids computer game. This free mobile app is a combination of convenient/colorful design. Consider most important basics of grammar and vocabulary and interesting tasks which help you learn English, Spanish, French, German and other languages very fast and easy

This app is not that much as a support tool for serious language learning, but it is very useful in some situations. When you need some quick translation and, what is more important, even without internet. The application also includes a feature that allows you to use a camera to make pictures of a specific text and then Google will translate it instantly.

BLA BLA car is another perfect component for making your ERASMUS and traveling cheaper and more convenient. It allows you to share city-to-city car journeys with a trusted community of over 30 million verified members.

  • Use one of the best city guides in your phone with Time Out!

With the help of this app you can find all bars, restaurants, attractions and events in order to not miss any popular party or concert around you. Another important benefit: it helps you to book tickets for activities. Other features that are included are the enhanced location-based search for planning now or later. Also you can shortcuts to instant inspiration from the home-screen, editors’ picks, easy booking for tickets and reservations. Plus exclusive experiences and discounted offers.

  • Go to the best parties and events with Vamos!

If we already started to speak about going out, here is other help.  Vamos gives you worldwide access to events by hooking you up with guest-lists, tickets and photos into one app from sources such as Facebook, Eventbrite, Stubhub and Ticketmaster. Discover Nightlife, Arts & Culture, Food & Drinks, Fashion, Networking, Family and Sports events in big cities!

Do you want to enjoy a global community of over 12 million travel enthusiasts in 230000 cities? It can help you find local hosts instead of staying at a hotel, meet other travelers at Couchsurfing events and do a lot of other things.

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