5 Strategies to Hunt the Perfect Internship (student’s advises)

5 Strategies to Hunt the Perfect Internship (student’s advises)

According to Richard Bah, chess is a beautiful and difficult game, where each side has a personal particular goal. Each player wants to come out as the winner, but how to get what you want and be one step ahead of your opponent? Here come at least 2 factors that influence the outcome: Strategy and Luck. Luck cannot be influenced, but the strategy can be practised and planned. Here are 5 different strategies & 5 different stories about finding the perfect internship!

erasmus iceland

Anna Kanepone

‘’For me, international work experience is very important because I study tourism management. I spent 3 months in a voluntary work organization in Iceland. When choosing the internship, the first factors to check where the reputation of the organization. The requirements of the position and only after you should decide on a country, to which you can go.

The biggest challenge in looking for the perfect internship was communication because 80% of organizations did not even answer my e-mails. I took into consideration the students’ recommendations, who already had done an internship there. Nice marketing and visual representation of the company are other important factors.

But still, the first international work experience is full of difficulties, especially from the emotional side.  I was learning to show initiative, adapt to different cultures, be more independent etc. For students, I would recommend to not give up searching. Write a lot of e-mails and call, even if there would be no response. Search for the right person, and do not text directly to the company (the office email) in general. Don’t give up, because it is worth it! ‘’


Kristians Dambis (Bulgaria)

‘’First of all, I wanted to go to a sunny country with small expenses and living costs.  I was basing my decision on students’ reviews, who I know well. After collecting many stories, I came down to Italy or Bulgaria. The communication with companies from Italy was difficult and slow. Therefore, I did not feel that I can rely on them. That’s why I decided to follow my intuition, and choose a PR and Advertising company in Bulgaria. My first international living experience was easier because I went there with 2 of my friends.

Speaking about goals, we were passionate about learning and exploring our future profession and be willing to do a lot of work. The reality was different, because of cultural differences, or we made the impression to be young and inexperienced. Our supervisor did not assign us any important tasks despite the fact. We were showing interest, asked how we can help and what we can do. Moreover, be ready for language barriers and take into account that not in all countries people know English. The best international language is gesture and smile.’’

Internship Spain

Roberts Studens (Spain)

‘’I had 2 internships in Spain in 2015 and 2016. Choosing the same destination again had a lot of benefits. that way you are better prepared and you can base your expectations on your experience. Apart from that, you will already have a social network there. Language knowledge and you will also have a better understanding of the intercultural differences.

The main factor for me in choosing my internship was, that the company was offering accommodation and salary. As the majority companies were offering unpaid internship only . I considered this to be a great opportunity. It was very important to find an internship in a nice location, with a friendly work environment and many career opportunities. It was an incredible experience and I’ve learned a lot from it!

Erasmus internship in Netherlands

Niels De Couvreur (Netherlands)

‘’As a landscape architecture student, I did my internship in a municipality office in Breda. I would never choose the easiest solution because I always try to improve my skills through an internship. Basically, in the end,  that’s the MAIN reason you do an internship.

I have noticed that company’s owners don’t really like to educate a  candidate. Which can become a potential concurrent in the future. If I plan to start my own company, I would not share this kind of information with the company. At my first internship, I have noticed that the company was holding me back and not offering me the opportunity to develop my skills. 

Usually I didn’t believe what the interviewer promised me. Always tried to find college students or other people who have worked in that particular office. That I wanted to apply to, because they knew better the situation.


llze Mote (Croatia)

‘’I did not know a lot about Croatia before starting my internship. The plan was to go to the Czech Republic or Portugal. After hearing a story from a girl who had an internship in Croatia, I got inspired and I wanted to explore this country. I believe that I found my internship based on luck.

The company also helped me finding accommodation, which was a huge benefit.  I was not the only intern there. We were a group of students from different countries: Spain, Turkey, Slovakia and others. I had an awesome and very productive internship in Croatia. We had a lot of tasks and responsibilities. Basically, I have reached all my goals.

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