INTERVIEW with Lorina – Erasmus+ Experience in Valencia

INTERVIEW with Lorina – Erasmus+ Experience in Valencia

 Be open, have respect and mostly have fun!


What was your exchange programme?


 Is it worth it to apply for an Internship abroad?


Who paid for the Erasmus Internship programme? 

My University, through Erasmus+ program.

What steps did you take in order to get a grant?

Application Letter + Language Test.

What kind of problems are Erasmus students facing?

Eventually culture shock, hard time meeting friends.

Which city did you choose?


What is important to know about Valencia before starting your Erasmus Experience?

Where your work place is, in order to look for a flat, how much money you get and need in the city you will go to, how to get around (Metro, Bus, Tram).

What does Valencia have to offer (in a cultural way)?

Good food, more options to do any activities, many museums, a lot of events in the Turia park, the different neighbourhoods (Ruzafa with lots of bars and restaurant, Benimaclet etc.), cultural events like the “Fallas”.


What did you like most about Valencia?

The mix out of a nice work place, good weather, friendly people and a lot of options for doing something.




How did you find your accommodation?

How expensive is Valencia?

Depending on where you come from but for Germans quite cheap; compared to other big cities in Spain the price-performance ratio is very very good.

What did you think about the weather?

Always awesome.

What did you think about the food?

Also always awesome (especially seafood and Paella).

Do you think that knowledge of the local language is necessary?

It depends on where you work at and who you work with but in general, it’s a big plus to speak Spanish because most of the people speak rarely English.

What about Spanish people in general?

Spanish people are in my opinion very open minded and welcoming, very calm and always dressed very nicely. Apart from that they seem to live for meeting friends and drink a beer with them or have tapas for dinner (at about 10 pm). I am always enjoying Spain when I visit, mostly because of the people and the food.

Would you recommend Spain to other students who want to go abroad?

Definitely because of the mentioned reasons.

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Was there any kind of leisure activities offered by the exchange programme or the student organizations?

Erasmus no, but I found out about the Erasmus Life organization and applied. I went to one or two “events”.

Did you find it hard to find a company to work with?

Firstly yes because a lot of companies don’t find it necessary to reply to emails.

Can you tell us more about your TX experience?

Finding an internship was very easy and mostly fast with Training Experience. First I didn’t know what to expect and how everything works but everything turned out very good for me.

What did you like the most during the Internship?

I had a lot of responsibility and was happy to be able to help in the company. Also I was welcomed by the team.

What could be improved while doing an Internship abroad?

Letting the interns know every single time what TX is about and how everything works.

How does this Erasmus exchange fit into your professional project?

I gained a lot of experience in working with people and I could improve my Spanish and English skills which I hope I will be able to use in my future job.

Would you recommend the TX team?

Yes, I did 😛

What is the most important thing you have learned during your Internship period? 

I’ve learned that there are tons of different cultures, people and characters you can get to know. Sometimes you don’t get a long that well but you can always figure out a way to make it work.

What advice would you give to any future students?

Be open, have respect and mostly have fun!

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