INTERVIEW Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus – Marcela´s Experience in Spain

INTERVIEW Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus – Marcela´s Experience in Spain

Have you mised our weekly interviews? Then we have a fresh Erasmus experience to share with you. Marcela, from Romania, shares with us things about her wonderful experience in Spain. Are you curious to find out more? Check out the following interview!


1. What was your exchange programme?

I can say that I am a fortunate girl, because firstly, I was an Erasmus student, and after that I had an internship with Erasmus Programme.

2. Is it worth it to apply for an Internship abroad?

Yes, yes and yes! It’s the richest experience ever.

3. What did your Erasmus exchange bring you?

It brought the woman I am today. I’ve learnt to truely live when I was abroad. Different culture, different people, lots of trips, stories. In one word ERASMUS.


4.Who paid for the Erasmus Internship programme?

Erasmus programme. I can say that I’ve made some economies before the internship and I had enough money. I decided to split my money and the scholarship per months and in this way I had everything organized in order to spend 600 euros per month.  In Valencia, you can live with 600 euros per month (including rent, food, transport and going out for fun).

5. What steps did you take in order to get a grant?

I applied for the grant in my University, I’ve learnt in order to get all my exams and I enjoyed the experience. It’s not very hard to become and Erasmus intern. If you are a student in a University in Romania and you want to go abroad, just go to Department of International Relations and ask for it. I am sure that you will find quite easy to go. All you have to do is to want to do.

6. What kind of problems are Erasmus interns facing?

Nothing that can not be solved. You will find a rent, make lots of friends and you will learn to live in another way. It is not simple to live all behind, but it’s worth every minute.

7. Which city have you choose?

When I was for studies, I was in Castellon de la Plana, in Spain. Lovely city near the beach. For the internship, I decided to go to Valencia. Valencia is the perfect place to live in Spain. It has beach, hundreds of bars, clubs and museums. So everything you need to develop and discover the world. Barcelona and Madrid are very easy to get by train. I visited Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and Sevilla. And all because Valencia has a perfect transport service. And it is not so expensive like Barcelona or Madrid, but it is, for sure, at the same level regarding education, jobs opportunity, traveling options and health system. Trust me, if you are looking for a cosmopolite city, with history and modern buildings, cheap and full of kind people who will welcome you, Valencia is the perfect place!



8. What is important know about Valencia before starting your Erasmus Experience?

The city has an organization just for Erasmus students and interns. It will help you with everything you need. HappyErasmus is it. Take contact with them. They will help you with everything and will have answers for all your questions.

9. What does Valencia have to offer in a cultural way?

Very much history, movies and music festivals. It has a bit of everything.

10.What did you like the most in Valencia?

I can not think about something that I didn’t like it. I guess the weather is that thing which I liked the most. And the beach, of course.

11. How did you find your accommodation?

I asked for help to an agency. I payed a fee, but everything was perfect and I was satisfied about it.

12. How expensive is Valencia?

It’s not expensive at all if you know how the organize your budget.

13.What did you think about the weather?

As I said – it’s perfect!

14. What about the food?

Same as the weather. 🙂

15.Do you think that knowledge of local language is necessary?

Local people don’t speak English very well, so it would be an advantage for you.

16.What about Spanish people in general?

They are “party people”! Also fun and kind.


17.Would you recommend Spain to other students who want to go abroad?


18.Was there any kind of leisure activities offered by the exchange programme or the student organizations?

Yes. The organization which I mentioned above is very dynamic. They organize trips and activities every weekend.

19.Did you find it hard to find a company to work with?

No. I received two offers and I picked one. If you search on the internet, you will find.

20.Can you tell us more about your TX experience?

Training Experience is a very friendly small company. If you want to go abroad, TX is the perfect place to but your base as an intern.

21.What did you like the most during the Internship?

Traveling and knowing new people.



22.What could be improved while doing an Internship abroad?

All depends on you. There is nothing to improve, it’s about taking the opportunity.

23. How does this Erasmus exchange fit into your professional project?

I developed my knowledge about Spanish language and now I have a job based on it, so the experience was truly helpful.

24. Would you recommend TX team?

YES. They are very smart people, young and wealing to invest in projects for the development of exchange programmes.

25. What is the most important thing you have learned during your Internship period? 

To enjoy life!

26. What advice would you give to any future students?

Don’t hesitate and take the shoot! It’s the perfect opportunity to discover yourself and have fun.


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