INTERVIEW Milena Z. Erasmus + Experience in Benissa, Alicante

INTERVIEW Milena Z. Erasmus + Experience in Benissa, Alicante

This week we continue our series of Erasmus + interviews with Milena Z., a Serbian girl who had a great internship experience in Benissa, Alicante. Are you interested to find more about her experience? Check out the following interview!


1. What was your exchange programme?

Erasmus +.

2. Is it worth it to apply for an Internship abroad?

Absolutely! Experience is the most important thing for students before they start making their careers.

3What kind of experience did your Erasmus exchange give you?

I became more communicative, organized, I met wonderful people and improved my Spanish and English language.

4.Who paid for the Erasmus Internship programme?

The company I worked for.

5. What steps did you take in order to get a grant?

First I signed up for the offer on, sending my CV with photo, then I chose mentor at my College in Belgrad who would be responsible for me.

6. What kind of problems are Erasmus interns facing?

Usually, financial problems if the internship is not paid.

7. Which city did you choose?

First I choose Barcelona and as a second city Alicante.

8. What is important know about Benissa before starting your Erasmus Experience?

The weather! Some people don’t like hot weather too much. The history, food.

9. What does Alicante have to offer in a cultural way?

Festivals, architecture and, of course, the amazing gastronomy.

10.What did you like most about Benissa?

The size of the city: it is not too big or too small, just perfect for walking around.


11. How did you find your accommodation?

Comfortable, spacious and I had the best roomies ever!

12. How expensive is Benissa?

Not expensive at all, prices are fair comparing to the standard of living.

13.What did you think about the weather?

Hot, hot and hot. But it is Spain.

14. What about the food?

Really tasty. Sea food is the best there.

15.Do you think that knowledge of local language is necessary?

Yes, even though a lot of locals speak English, it is better to know some everyday phrases.

16.What about Spanish people in general?

I love them! They are nice, polite and have an amazing sense of humor.

17.Would you recommend Spain to other students who want to go abroad?


18.Was there any kind of leisure activities offered by the exchange programme or the student organizations?

Not so many, but we had some.

19.Did you find it hard to find a company to work with?

No, it was easy because of a lot of offers that Training Experience presented to me.

20.Can you tell us more about your TX experience?

I was doing an internship in a private school of English in a village Benissa in Alicante. My position there was working as a monitor with Spanish children.



21.What did you like the most during the Internship?

The people I worked with and the village I was in.

22.What could be improved while doing an Internship abroad?

Probably just the finances. I think the companies should pay a little bit more.

23.Would you recommend TX team?

Yes! Very kind staff and helpful too.

24.What is the most important thing you have learned during your Internship period? 

Dealing with problems at work and creating new ideas.

25.What advice would you give to any future students?

Don’t be afraid of obstacles and go for it!



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