INTERVIEW “Spanish people amongst the happiest on the Earth”, Adelina B., Erasmus+ in Valencia

INTERVIEW “Spanish people amongst the happiest on the Earth”, Adelina B., Erasmus+ in Valencia

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Because TX wants to help you as much as possible in making the best out of your Erasmus + internship. We thought that nothing would be better than sharing with you some of our ex-trainees experiences. In addition, you can find out directly from an individual which had already experienced your exchange dream many interesting things. As a result, we will help you find the best internship, accommodation and enjoy as much as you can the new city and activities and spanish cultures.

Adelina Interview

We will start this interviews section with Adelina B. who is a cheerful girl from Romania who came with Erasmus + in Valencia last year. Let’s find more about her Spanish experience.

1. What was your exchange program?

I made an Erasmus internship from September 2015, and until February 2016.

2. Is it worth it to apply for an Internship abroad?

 In conclusion, it is totally worth it, because, in my opinion, it is much more than a work experience and it is a life experience.

3. What did your Erasmus exchange bring you?

My Erasmus experience brought me work experience, Spanish speaking skills, many international friends, and happiness and so on.

4.Who paid for the Erasmus Internship program?

Erasmus program paid for my an internship, as well as by me and my parents.

5. What steps did you take in order to get a grant?

First of all, I knew I wanted to go abroad. Then, I got accepted to the program, and in the end, I looked online for a suitable company.

6. What kind of problems are Erasmus interns facing?

I think that we do not face problems; I think we face new life experiences, like living on our own and taking care of ourselves.

7. Which city have you chosen?

I choose Valencia.

erasmus in valencia

8. What is important know about Valencia before starting your Erasmus Experience?

You have to know that it is a welcoming, sunny and friendly city.

9. What does Valencia have to offer in a cultural way?

In Valencia, you can learn a lot about the local, and also about the Spanish culture. By attending the very many festivals that take place there, such as Fallas.


10.What did you like the most in Valencia?

I liked that people put their happiness above everything else. They smile every day, no matter what. And the sun, Valencia is crazily sunny.



11. How did you find your accommodation?

I found it online, by joining a Facebook group where people posted their offers.

12. How expensive is Valencia?

I don’t think Valencia is expensive. Opposite, I think it is quite cheap compare to what it has to offer.

13.What did you think about the weather?

The weather is just fantastic. You cannot help smiling every morning when you wake up and the sun is shining all days, all seasons, all the time.

14. What about the food?

Spanish food is great. Paella Valenciana tastes amazing.


15.Do you think that knowledge of local language is necessary?

I think that having at least a basic knowledge is an advantage. You will improve soon because people do their best to understand you, and to help you.

16. How are Spanish people in general?

They are the happiest people on earth. They know how to appreciate and to take advantage of everything they have.

17.Would you recommend Spain to other students who want to go abroad?

Yes, absolutely!

18.Was there any kind of leisure activities offered by the exchange program or the student organizations?

There was a ride rank of leisure activities offered by different student organizations. The trips are the best.

19.Did you find it hard to find a company to work with?

No, thanks to Training Experience team I was lucky enough to find it quickly.



20.Can you tell us more about your TX experience?

I really enjoyed my TX experience, the people were helpful and they offered full assistance.

21.What did you like the most during the Internship?

Especially, I liked the most is that I could improve not only professionally, but also personally as well.

23.What could be improved, while doing an Internship abroad?

In my opinion,  the working program for foreign interns should be shorter.

24.How does this Erasmus exchange fit into your professional project?

It is the first step I took in my career. It made me help understand that teaching is what I want to do for a lifetime.

25.Would you recommend TX team?

I strongly recommend the TX team. They were very helpful and open.

26.What is the most important thing that you have learned during your Internship period? 

That you should exceed the limits you think you have.

27.What advice would you give to any future students?

Enjoy your training experience to its fullest and do not lose any second without learning something!




If you liked Adelina experience and you are also interested in doing an internship abroad don’t hesitate to take a look on our offers, make an account on and start applying on your favorites. We are here for your questions and we can help you find the perfect internship without any cost involved. Find out more details here