6 tips will help you learn a foreign language very fast

6 tips will help you learn a foreign language very fast

LEARN NEW LANGUAGE 2Knowing at least one foreign language is essential for any Erasmus trainee but, sometimes, you might not go in a country where the language you are so familiar with is spoken. And, even if many of us have a decent level of English, in some European countries people prefer to speak their own language.

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Anyway, this should not be a terrifying information, because we also have good news. As an adult, learninig a foreign language is much easier than for a child. With some good tips you will be ready to speak with your new colleagues or friends more quickly than you think.

So, after talking with some of our trainees which have learned the local language during their internship period, here´s some advices that we´ve concluded:

  • Forget about perfection!

Make realistic, specific goals, take it step by step and don´t try to reach perfection from the early stages. You might be disappointed and quit before even getting to know the new language basis. Concentrate on learning vocabulary in context, read and talk with native people as much as you can. Always remember that mistakes are natural and with every mistake you will make you´ll be closer and closer to fluency.

  • Speak the language from day one

You´ll never feel 100% prepared so what´s the sense of waiting? People tend to wait too long until expressing themselves. This is wrong because you will always be afraid to talk. Even if you know just a few words or phrases it´s a good start. It will be hard to begin with, but you will progress much quicker. Also, don´t forget to have always with you a pocket dictionary, it will help you a lot when you want to start a conversation.

  • Connect with a native speaker

Practicing is the best way to learn, even more if you do it with a native speaker. To often, we spend a lot of time studying grammar and memorizing lists of words. Instead of actually going out there and putting what we’ve learned into practice. Speaking with a real person it´s more motivating than staying in front of a computer screen. So make lots of native friends or find anyone who speaks your language nearby. Try to connect with that person on Skype

  • Attend local events

Local events are a unique opportunity to practice, learn and at the same, pursue your other interests. For example, if you are a music lover, why not attend a Spanish concert, a street representation or a play to envelop yourself in Spanish? Or if you’re a gourmet traveler, you could sign up for a cooking course in Paris to perfect your French? There are a myriad of opportunities, it’s just a matter of finding one that is useful, fun, and interesting for you. Plus, there are lots of special events or expat groups in every country you can join to find the perfect person you can make the language exchange with.

  • Focus on exactly what you want to learn

It´s impossible to learn everything in a short time but if you are interested in a specific area of study or just want to improve your conversational level. Try to focus on that and don´t waste time learning things that you won´t need in the very beginning. You´ll have plenty of time to do that after you will reach your goals.

  • Read, hear, speak and repeat (then learn and repeat)

Reading texts in the language you aim to learn it´s a good way to settle knowledge. Also, it will make you more curious to use a dictionary when you won´t be able to understand words or phrases. Also, as we have mentioned before, learning without practicing it´s not so efficient. Try to pay attention to pronunciation, express yourself and hard practice every day. “How do you say X?” is the most important sentence you can possibly learn. Learn it early and use it often with all the native people you will interact with.

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