Internship Madrid, a city full of oportunities

Internship Madrid, a city full of oportunities

 Doing an internship abroad consists of people having to make hard decisions. One of the most important is deciding which will be the appropriate country to complete the placement. As Madrid is one of the biggest touristic places in Europe. It would make the right choices of the placement, isn´t it? Moreover, as the city is the financial and the political center of Spain. Furthermore, there are a lot of influential cultural hub and is landed with quite a few attractions. With the number of tourists increasing each year, interactions and improvement of the city have improved considerably.

Spain - Madrid Tourist holding Espana banner in front of Puerta de Alaca on Plaza de la Independencia - famous tourist attraction.




The Diversity of Madrid: The city has a very diverse economy, and its main strengths consists of the finance and services sector. With such diversity, the expansion of businesses has gone international. Therefore, the city has a lot to offer to potential interns who declare Madrid has their choice of placement. As the fourth most popular city in Europe it is also a popular worth choice destination for many tourists.

Why go?  The city of Madrid is energetic and vibrant. From Puerta del Sol and the Gran Via Boulevard to Plaza de España, Malasana, Chueca, and the brilliant Real Madrid stadium.



The characteristic of Madrid it is mostly impacted by its nightlife, with the Spanish schedule generally runs later. Especially the locals normally eat dinner at very late hours in the evening, which then is time for a stroll around on the town this usually last past 4am. One of the most popular areas to go out at night for young people in Madrid is Moncloa. Located just next to the University campus.

Other than that following areas and streets are recommendable as well: Bajos de Argelles, Santiago Bernabeu, Avenida de Brasil, the streets, Huertas and Echegaray, San Vicente Ferrer and La Palma. Also, there are many popular area clubs to go out at night for young interns. For example, some that are recommendable: Kapital, El Sol, Thundercat Club, Joy Eslava, Sirocco, Barco plus much more

Main Attractions

If you are coming to Madrid, you should not miss the following attractions like:                                                                                                                           

  • Plaza Mayor  de Madrid: Juan de Villanueva is the architect of the today known Plaza Mayor (1790).

          Billedresultat for plaza mayor madrid                                        

  • Puerta del Sol is the center of the radial network in Spain, originally one of the gates in the city (15th century)Billedresultat for Puerta del Sol
  • Parque del Retiro de Madrid

Park of 118 hectares. Created in 1630.

Billedresultat for Parque del Retiro de Madrid

  • Palacio Real de Madrid

    Built 1734
    The official residence of the royal family, even though they don’t live in the palace.

Billedresultat for Palacio Real de Madrid

  • Temple of Debod

    Egyptian Temple that was rebuilt in Spain. It was donated by the Egyptian state in 1968.

Billedresultat for temple of debod

  • Plaza de Cibeles

    Most popular Plaza and symbol of Madrid.
    Created in 1777.

Billedresultat for plaza de cibeles

Cost of life:

For sure, the city has a tremendous variety of activities, but probably you are asking what is the cost of living is such a great capital, isn’t it? Here is something to start with:

Accommodation: 240- 500 € / month
Mobile Phone Card: 6 €/ 1 GB Internet
Transportation: City Bike: 25 €/ year
General: 60 €/ month
Daily Menu: 10 €
Language Course (Spanish): 330 €

Food & Culture

     Billedresultat for spanish cuisine

If there’s something you should try, it’s the food in Spain! You can enjoy various types of  Tapas, Paella or Tortilla. Everything is worth to try. Take a break and get a coffee at the oldest restaurant in the world which is still operating since 1725. In various locations, you will be able to watch the traditional Flamenco dances. Which are worth it to look at and learn a little bit more about the Spanish culture.

Cultural Activities: The problem with Madrid is it culture & arts does not know which activity is suitable for you. With such culturistic sights such as Prado Museum, Reina Sofia museum and Thyssen bornemisza. Plus, there are dozens of other museums, cultures centers, galleries, theaters, cinemas, music venues, and Festivals.

Culture Nightlife:

Billedresultat for el rastro madrid

El Rastro: A host of the most famous and biggest flea market in Madrid

Mercado San Miguel: This activity was built in 1916, re-establishment in 2009. Offers Tapas and Cocktail beverages to their loyal customers such as wine and this activity is perfect for a break and a good place for customers to eat lunch socialize.

El Barrio Malasana: This activity is worth the midnight stroll and one can be able to explore the little bars and restaurants.

El Corte Ingles: This is nightlife to enjoy, with rooftop bars.

Revelers of the Holi Festival of Colors dance after throwing colored powders in the air in Madrid, Spain, Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014. The festival is fashioned after the Hindu spring festival Holi, which is mainly celebrated in the north and east areas of India. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)





Cultural Festival:

5th – 6th January: The procession of the 3 holy kings. (Various Famous people are playing the three kings and walking in a parade, children receives presents on the 6th of January)

3rd of February: San Blas (the patron San Blas is being celebrated with traditional food and dancing)

3rd and 4th of February: Carnival (celebrated all over Spain with parades and costume party)

1st of May: International Labor Day

2nd of May: Do de Mayo (people celebrate the uprising against the French occupation in 1808)

8-15th May: San Isidro (patron of Madrid, the event is celebrated with expositions, concerts and important bull fights)

23rd of June: San Juan (longest day of the year, celebrated with bonfires)

15th of August: Asuncin de la Virgen

12th of October: Dia del Hispanidad (national holiday with official parades celebrating “being Spanish”)

1st of November: All Saints Day (national holiday in Spain, people celebrate Halloween in some places in Madrid, but it is not a Spanish tradition)

6th of December: Constitution Day in Spain (national holiday, people only celebrate by the politicians with official events)

8th of December: Imaculada Concepcin (national holiday celebrating the patron of Spain, la Imaculada Concepcin)

25th of December: Christmas day (national holiday)

28th of December: People make jokes upon each other (like the 1st of April in many other countries)

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